Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Little Miss Harper

One of the very hardest things about this full-time gig is that I don't have flexibility to shift my schedule around. That means I haven't gone on a single field trip or attended any special event at the kids' preschool/daycare. There are lots of great things about working on a school schedule, but flexibility isn't one of them.

On Tuesday they had a "Farewell to Fours" event/breakfast during which the children sang, there was a slide show of photos, and there was a short presentation of each child's "All About Me" poster. I know this because Matt attended and was a good sport about video taping the Harper-centric portions.

The above picture features Harper with her poster, as well as with several pieces of work from her "Clay Creations" enrichment class. I love how proud she is - never been a problem for Harper.

The poster includes details like her name, a self-portrait, a family drawing, a photo of her dressed up like a dentist (I think it's possible she just wanted to be able to stick a tongue depressor in another kid's mouth for the photo op.), and a list of wishes and favorite things.

Harper's wishes were:
  1. That she was Ariel
  2. That no one would throw trash on the ground
  3. That no one would die
Harper's favorite things were:
  1. Ariel
  2. Reading a book to Mommy
  3. Going to Magic Castle (a birthday party/pizza/game/mini-golf place)
Not a bad snapshot of her five-year-old self.

Here are another couple of Harper-isms from today:

When Matt went to wake her up for school this morning she said to him, while her eyes remained closed, "I'm not finished with my dream yet, but it's almost done."

As I walked into the kitchen on my way to the car Harper looked at my outfit and exclaimed, "Mommy those clothes DO NOT match!"

"That's good," I said, "Because it's mismatched day at school."

"Your school has mismatched day?"

"Yes, it's a special day."

"Well," Harper scoffed, "It isn't as special as someone's birthday."

Then as I was leaving she came to the back door and whispered to me, "Mom, what if it was mismatched day and someone's birthday?"

Man, spirit week is really gonna blow her mind in a year or two.


bluedaisy said...

I love this!

CARRIE said...

Very cute.

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Great stuff!