Thursday, June 04, 2009

School Wrap-Up (Video Version)

Michael Swinging

Harper Talking About School

Harper Talking More About School

The two funniest things about these videos are:

1) Michael's position in the swing slowly deteriorates.

2) My instructions for Harper to be gentle with the swing sound a little less gentle with each passing moment.


Anonymous said...

I can see that Michael is learning early that his sister will be doing all the talking and pushing him around in life :) I can never get over how adorable they are. Can't wait for you to visit.

Love Auntie Shannon

Anonymous said...

Hi Kels,

Hello from Brazil. The vidoes were great and when I am so far from home they are really appreciated. We are looking forward to your visit in June.



Anonymous said...

Hi Kels,
We watched these almost immediately after getting off the phone with you. Ruth LOVED them, as usual. We are going to have to orchestrate a giant "101 minis" playdate sometime soon!

Good luck this weekend, have fun with Dotty!

Tracy & girls

jill said...

not that you're probably into much candy in general (unlike me who is a glutton, I will have to cut that down before baby is ready to munch on any), but while I was researching for a guest post (wisconsin candy blog sent me taffy samples) I saw on the Taffy Town website that their factories are completely nut free. shrug. thought you might want to know. and i hope you aren't getting annoyed with me telling you stuff like that.