Wednesday, June 10, 2009


This is my 600th post. . . I really thought I would run out of material about 599 posts ago. Turns out I enjoy talking about things I'm interested in and posting pictures of my children (you: duh!).

So here's a question!

How old is too old for bathtub photos? (Or rather, bathtub photos posted to the Internet?)

If the overwhelming response is that Harper is too old, I will take them down, but I thought these were too fun not to share.

Bath time has recently become an entirely new experience because Michael has graduated from the duck tub (which he liked better in theory than in practice) to the regular tub.

Now he can take a bath with Harper!

(Did you notice that our hall bath comes complete with a blue tub and pink carpeting?! If anyone would like to donate $15,000 for a bathroom remodel, email me!)

Michael LOVES being in the bathtub with Harper. And I have to give Harper credit for enduring his splashing without too much complaining. I remember sharing lots of baths with my sister, but not so much with my brother - I was nearly nine when he was born.

Harper, who usually cracks me up anyway, has acquired a new saying recently and tonight she applied it to the tub. "Ah," she said, "There's nothing like a good bath!"

At dinner she'd said, "Ah, there's nothing like some leftover pancakes!"

Ah, there's nothing like listening to a four-year-old!


jill said...

maybe another year for her, or some strategic towelling. you're crossing into the predator area there. just my thinking (of course, everything I know is based on watching law and order, SVU, snicker)...

The Mom said...

I think you are fine, they are discreet enough pictures. We loved the inflatable tub too, well actually I liked it, my son didn't and now loves tormenting his 4 year old sister in the big tub, we also have the tug boat, one of our best buys!! (Random blogging advice needed, how do you get this format for comments instead of the "subscribe to Atom" kind?) Thanks and congrats on 600!

Anonymous said...

I love taking bath pictues too which I don't usually think much of until someone else looks through my photo albums...

Wait until the future boyfriends start looking at the photo albums:) That ought to embarress them plenty!

Cute "Ah" stories:)


Hillary or Ryan said...

First of all, I love your "retro" bathroom with blue bathtub and pink carpet. Imagine in a few years that people will be clamoring for that kind of 1950's design.

And we're about to purchase the duck tub for Grady b/c he's almost too big for his infant tub now.

And completely unrelated: It's the last day of school with students! Next week, I get to start looking at mini-vans. Does it get any better? :)

samantha said...

Ah, there's nothing like cute bath tub pictures!

Anne said...

My kids run around the backyard naked every so often. If your bathtub photos aren't appropriate, then I'm really in trouble!

Swistle said...

We had that SAME aqua color for the fixtures in our bathroom! Which we have since remodeled, not because of the color (vintage chic!) but because of the horrible chipping and stains.

Liz said...

I was thinking that your bathroom totally reminded me of my grandma's house growing up! ;) I'd love to donate to your worthy "redo my bathroom" cause but $15,000 is out of my reach. Maybe you should put a donate button on your blog! ;) You know, aqua is very in now, keep the tub and get a new floor.

Astarte said...

Harper looks not as pleased as Michael!!!! :)

At least the bathroom has appropriate colors for everyone, right? :)