Thursday, March 12, 2009


It feels like I've been underwater most of the day today. We're getting ready for Michael's first birthday party this weekend, but there's also a lot of other stuff going on and I have been up way too late at night.

This morning I was so tired that I squirted the conditioner into my hand in the shower and I found myself staring at it for a moment, unable to remember what to do with it. I really wish I were joking.

Harper has been both difficult and hilarious lately, although the hilarity is largely unintentional (the difficult part is purposeful, methinks). If you've read here long then you already know how much I love children's mispronunciations and misunderstandings with the English language. The funny things kids say are among my favorite perks to parenting and/or teaching young children. Recently Harper has had some song lyric mix-ups:

"We learned a new song in school today, the ribbon song. You shake your fingers to the ribbon, your hips to the ribbon. You move stuff to the ribbon!" (That would be the rhythm song.)

"Cradle, cradle, cradle, I made you out of clay. . ." (I guess it makes sense that she wouldn't know the word dreidel.)

She's been having trouble remembering how to say, "humpback whale". It either comes out as "lumpback," or, "hunchback".

She's also having trouble remembering how to clean up her toys and sit in one place to eat a meal. . .

This is the type of mess that occurs nearly every time Harper plays. It is the downside to how well she entertains herself and the reason why we're needing a cleaning up refresher course in these parts.


Swistle said...

The twins are currently singing "Splashes, splashes, we all fall down!" for Ring Around the Rosy.

Erin said...

I LOVE the mispronounciations. In fact, it BOTHERS me when people correct Cal's speech. He'll get it eventually and no need to hurry it along, you know?

There have been numerous times I've gotten out of the shower and cannot recall whether or not I actually washed my hair. I also am not kidding.

This might make you feel better about the mess: we pick up toys on Sunday night. SUNDAY NIGHT ONLY. Also not kidding about that.

Chris said...

Reading this blog, including the comments, makes me feel not so alone. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

love the mispronouncing too...we were at my parents and Max, Ben, grammy and I were doing a "craft" before dinner (construction paper, glue stick etc). after dinner we were sitting at the table and max yells "mom can we go back downstairs and do some more crap?" clearly he meant craft but i thought my parents and i were going to pee our pants we were laughing so hard. good times!

jill said...

okay i heard this and immediately hit the 'go' button to send you a message. scientists have under CAREFULLY scrutinized circumstances made it possible for kids allergic to peanuts to eat them again. they say it is probably 5 years from being put into full time use. if this happens i will be SO glad for your family. hugs!

Astarte said...

Oh, I love when kids use their own words for things!! Hunchback whales! HA!

bluedaisy said...

I say that mess=creativity...and I am all for kids entertaining themselves & learning how to play without adult intervention. I am feeling that same "underwater feeling"--most likely for different reasons but the feeling is not fun no matter what the cause. Here's hoping that we both get to be above water soon!