Saturday, March 28, 2009

Scattered Thoughts

A few things to share:

  • The McDonald's commercial with the singing fish is quite literally haunting me in my dreams - please make it stop!
  • I have taken a long term subbing job and will be working from April 9th through the end of the school year - more details soon.
  • Since Michael started "crawling" Harper likes to spread toys out along the floor, enticing him to move from one room to the next, like leaving a bread crumb trail for a small woodland creature.
  • Since Michael started crawling he has decided the place he'd most like to be is under a living room end table, playing with power cords. Must increase parental vigilance!
  • I am the "commissioner" for our family/friends NCAA pool. Would you have guessed?
  • I can take a share of the prize money if North Carolina and Louisville meet in the championship game.
  • I both love and loathe spring. Spring = flowers. Spring = muddy dog paws.
  • Is anyone else watching Grey's Anatomy?
  • I'm interested in how people are "arriving" at this blog - if I didn't know you to point you here myself, how did you find me?
And now I'll distract you from the above randomness with a photo of my children!


Val said...

I'm not sure which bullet item to address first. I think I'll go with the fish.

I am a little bit embarrassed to say that I freakin' LOVE that commercial. My favorite are the faces that the dude with the sandwich makes. Especially the half-shrug about the "if it were you on the wall, you wouldn't be laughing at all" /half shrug/ It's pure genius. Also - apologies for sticking that song in your head. :)

Number two, power cords = most desired toy EV-ER! Good luck hiding those, it's a pain right in our you know what. My son is 16 mo and he's trying to uncover every single "toy" in the living room. GAH.

Number three, I honestly don't remember when I started following your blog, but I think it was when Michael was born - via one of your friends' blogs. I think she had said "go visit Kelsey, she could use some good thoughts" and I found my way over, liked your writing and your family, and added you to my Google Reader. And here I am. :) "Back to Me" maybe? I've got so many on my reader now I don't I stay? ;-)

Chris said...

Hi Kelsey. As does Val, I like the fish. I watch 23 minutes of TV a week, mostly in the form of snippets from shows Tim watches, and I have seen that commercial only once. Perhaps I was tired, but I laughed and laughed.

I also have the bread crumb trail here with Melina and the kids. It cracks me up how children can be enticed by anything out of their reach, but then again, aren't we all? Power cords...gotta love them.

Next year for March Madness, I'll forward you the email of our friends. They put together a charity pool each year, and its only 5 bucks to enter. Winning entry donates to a charity of their choice. Of course, we aren't against playing the other pools, either, but we always enter that one.

And, you know how I got here. Glad I did. See you soon.

Weed said...

I'm a friend of Emily's and began following your blog back before Michael was born and you were on bed rest. She mentioned that you could use prayer, which led me here. Love reading about all of Harper's antics, and Michael is a doll.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm - I think that... my friend K blogs, and she's friend with Samantha/Back To Me... and Samantha and K were pregnant the same time, same week, and have been blog buddies for a long time - and then Samantha mentioned you on her blog, and K mentioned you on her blog, and now I lurk both blogs!

I think.

jill said...

fish is annoying. great about the work. is this the only crawling he's done? not sure since the post before mentioned army crawling and I'm a dummy about all this--this post makes it sound like its the first he's done, if so, woohoo! that is a big deal! no clue about the basketball, but couldnt we all use some money? eh, dog paws are wipeable! no, but I watch private practice. and I have no idea, maybe from Katie's blog (life, the universe and everything)? it's hard to say I've been 'listening in' for so long.

Michelle said...

The fish is both catchy and annoying. I sometimes find myself singing it to my husband while he looks at my like I've lost it. That's funny about Harper leaving the toys out. She sounds like such a little helper.
I'm still watching Grey's Anatomy, although somewhat out of habit. Every time I think I'm going to stop, they have a good couple episodes and I'm hooked again.
I found your blog through Swistle.

bluedaisy said...

I love both the randomness AND the photo in this post. I don't know what it is with the power cords- we have had that same problem! The kids are just so sweet together!

Swistle said...

Mmmm, now I want a fish sandwich!

I don't remember how we found each other, do you? It was so long ago!

Anonymous said...

I am a couple weeks behind on Grey's the Izzy stuff just CRAZY?

And I found you during the whole pay it forward insanity back last year...and have been reading since.

Nan said...

I'm with you on the muddy dog paws. Luckily our carpet is pretty crapped up anyway...with Baby coming and all, we don't worry about it too much.

Astarte said...

I think you found me, through Swistle, and then I happily came to you! :)

Oh, muddy dog paws. Muddy dog buts. Muddy dog tails. UGH.

I love that she leaves him trails of toys! That is SO cute!!!!

How sad is it that I spent at least a full minute trying to figure out how your friends and family could afford a community swimming pool, and what your being a commissioner of the pool meant?! Gawd, I am SO out of it.

Sara said...

The "bread crumb" trail of toys is adorable. Harper is such a good big sister! Ally alternates between literally showering Kelly (7 months today) with 3 or 4 toys in her face, or yelling "no kelly!" whenever she gets too close to one of Ally's toys!

I am so clueless about the NCAA tourney now that UD is out, that I don't even know if your chances of getting some prize money are possible! I hope so!

And I am on and off with watching Grey's, but definitely on the last couple of weeks. Is it true we have to wait like a month before the next one?

The picture of the birthday boy and Harper is adorable! How did his party go?

Jill said...

I arrived at your blog via Hillary's blog, she mentioned what a great writer you were and that we should check it out. I did once and now check it routinely, I have children the same age your kiddos and find great solace in that, it isn't just us! I also come away with great ideas, lots of laughs and amazement at the things kids do and say. Hope you don't mind my visits:)