Sunday, March 22, 2009


I don't think I write about it too often, but it's no secret that Michael is taking his time catching up to his non-preemie counterparts. Our wonderful physical therapist tells me not to worry, I try not to worry, but of course I still worry at least a little. Especially when I see other babies Michael's age and what they are capable of doing.

I wonder now if Michael has been so busy physically growing that his mind/body haven't concentrated so much on specific skills. . . I don't know if that makes any scientific sense, but it sounds good to me! All of a sudden he seems to be acquiring all sorts of new skills and it is thrilling to watch. Within the last week he has clapped, waved, army-crawled, and made the sign for "more" - all for the first time. I greet each new accomplishment with much outward cheering and much inward relief.

I am going to post a series of videos taken this morning - fully aware that they might only be of interest to my future self and possibly the grandparents. It's a happy day when I manage to catch a skill on video as it happens for the first(ish) time:


JM said...

That WAS amazing! Thanks for sharing Kels. It is exciting to Godparents too! I love Harper's unbridled enthusiasm about her brother. Seeing things like this are what make it harder to be back in WI.

Have a great week!

Emily said...

Yay Michael - look at him go! He looks great!

It's hard not to compare and worry about our kids' development. And I always feel self-concious talking about milestones, always afraid that I might upset myself or someone else. But they are such a fun part of parenting - to see the little clicks of the brains of our little ones as they figure it out - SO COOL!

And good job with the baby signing - I have tried and tried that with David and he just isn't getting it. Oh, well.

And you have such a great laugh, Kelsey - it's nice to hear it. :)

Mommy Daisy said...

Wow, that is super! He looks so happy too!

I can't help but notice that Rebound and Harper tried to steal the show too. It was cute to see how excited Harper was. What a great big sister.

Also, now Zachariah has seen Harper and Michael. He was talking back to Harper on the video. He says it would be fun to play together. :D

Heather said...

What great videos. They brought a smile to my face. Michael's doing great! He'll be zipping around in no time!

Tina P said...

yeah crawling!

it's hard not to compare. i always had to remind myself of my daughters corrected age, not her actual age. and even a corrected age mile stones can very by months either way.
i understand what you mean about the working so hard on growing that now other things are starting to come. i often wondered with both my kids if they were working so hard on the physical aspect of just being alive that for my son talking came later, and vice versa my daughter is a talker,, so i think kids just learn first what they learn ,, can't learn it all at once, right? lol

Laura said...

Kelsey, I'm pretty sure I'm in love with your children! They are both incredible little people!

MamaK said...

I LOVE the army crawl! And Harper's cheerleading ;) What fun... we have no 'adjusted age' in this casa, but I'm still trying-not-to-compare-or-worry about stuff. part and parcel of parenting, maybe?

It will be fun to see our kids together someday. Maybe there's a summer program on photography in your area?

Nan said...

Too precious.

Kristin said...

I gotta say..I'm not you..I'm not a grandparent...and yet I'm tearing up

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Michael!!! In no time he will be chasing Harper around and hopefully giving her a run for her money!!!


bluedaisy said...

Michael is doing AWESOME! I think it won't be too long until he is into the all-out crawl. I love watching children discover their skills. It's just so precious!

tracy said...

Hey Kels,
We just watched these this morning ...and oh gosh, both kids are just adorable. Yay Michael! And Harper's excitement is just awesome. But my main comment is -- I have that same clock! I got it for camp many many years ago ... and isn't it awesome?!? We haven't changed the batteries once, and I'va had it for over ten years.
love you, love you! Tracy

tracy (again) said...

And another thing? I love how, in all of your movies, Harper is always saying to "have a take of ..." something or other (Michael, the balloon, etc). She is awesome.