Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Looking Less Like a Disgruntled Old Man By the Day

Last month:

This month:

I love my baby dearly, and I am still able to admit that for a long time now he's looked decidedly more like a troll or an old man than a sweet little boy. But perhaps we are entering a wonderage (complete with more social personality and sleeping through the night perhaps?) because I have noticed a change lately. In the last few days Michael has really begun to inch up on the adorable scale. (Whew!)

When we were up at my parents' house last week, Michael, Harper, and I were all hanging out in my bed. Harper and I were talking to him in that ooey-gooey voice reserved for the smallest of babies and he looked squarely at her and gave her a huge, gummy, ear-to-ear, crinkly-eyed grin. His first smile, smiled, appropriately, at his big sister. It took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes. I will always treasure that moment. How special for Harper that she'll always know Michael smiled his first smile for her. When she tells people about it she says, "Michael smiled at me all by himself!"

Speaking of Harper, Swistle recently commented that she loved the three's for the talking, and she is so right. My brother came over for lunch on Monday and was yawning (a little too much partying, Jamie???). Harper asked if he was tired and invited him to have a "napover" with her.

I love, love, love the insight into Harper's thoughts that she is constantly providing through her chatter. I love how she is learning to use language. AND I love the childish mispronunciations and misunderstandings that come with learning language. Many of them I hate to correct because all too soon she'll outgrow them on her own. (Remember "fyock?" Sigh.) Right now my favorite mispronunciation is elevator; Harper says, "elegator." And when she says remember, she leaves the "b" sound out, "rememer?" And many of her "th" sounds come out like "f"; so thirty is "firty." These little quirks are something about this age that I know I'm going to miss.


Laura said...

Okay Missy... first of all, you're blogging and commenting after midnight?? Sleep Momma, Sleep.

I know you take what time you can get. I'm just glad you stopped by to comment and I've enjoyed your update too. So, even past midnight, you're funny! Oh, little Michael is growing so fast and he actually does look more mature from his latest picture. There's something so pronounced and handsome about his face. I don't know why, but I love his forehead. Weird. I'm not usually a forehead-noticer, but he's sweet.

As for Harper's exclusive wording, I totally feel the same way about Elaina mispronouncing words and even making some up. Like you said, it's like a little peek inside their head to see how they process thoughts and form their own ideas. My favorite from Elaina is "nilk" (milk) and just last weekend she told me I should plug in my "alligator" so I don't get lost. It seemed like my "navigator" (GPS) was a little more practical to keep me on track. The alligator was no help to me at all!

Emily said...

Michael is, and always has been adorable. But I know what you mean that around this age they start to look cute cute cute. And you have MULTIPLE trendy boppy covers? So cute!

And I LOVE the mispronunciations. You know how we're big Buckeye fans? Well, Katy says it with an "f" instead, so whenever she sees that symbol around town, she shouts, "Go Fuckeyes!" Slightly embarassing, but more hilarious than anything.

Heather said...

Wesley does a lot of the mispronunciations too. My favorite right now is yions instead of lions.

Swistle said...

Oh, that is SO CUTE that he smiled first at her!

Elizabeth says "Keep me comfy" instead of "Keep me company." I don't want to correct her.

Marie Green said...

Oh, how wonderful that he smiled at his big sis.

Also, I love the language development stages too. Right now my 20 month old says "hold you" when she wants to be held. Man, I'll be bummed when she changes it to "hold me".

samantha jo campen said...

Um, hel-LO! He's always been cute! But yes, it's good when they start to chunk up and fill out a bit. Though I so love his skinny little legs!!!

Erin said...

Oh little baby BOY. Oh I want to hold him. PLEASE!?

I hope you are neglecting all other To Do Items so that you can get a picture of THE SMILE. Must see it nooowwwww.

Liz said... write the sweetest posts! you are the best mommy ever. :) glad to hear you are doing well and getting some sleep (knock on wood!). :)

Hillary said...

I love that Michael smiled for Harper. That story brought tears to my eyes. Soooo sweet. :)