Sunday, June 29, 2008

Blog Karma

After my last post, full of fascinating product reviews, I had an experience related to each of the products.

1) After my not so glowing review of the Schick Intuition razor, I got an email from someone offering to send me a competitor's razor to try for free. Part of me says, "Yes, please!" and part of me says, "What's the catch?" I haven't responded to the email yet. Do you think if I post a negative review of my car someone will offer to send me a free minivan to try?

2) I received the June issue of Wondertime. I had already received the July/August issue and hadn't even realized I was missing an issue, but it was such a pleasant surprise to have another to read that I don't really mind that they came out of order. I am trying to stretch out the reading of the June issue because there won't be another one until September. (Yes, I like it that much.)

3) Michael had what will surely be referred to as The Great Diaper Blowout of Aught Eight, and I thought to myself, "Self, you should document this in order to prove the worth of the Shout Advanced you spoke so highly of." And I did.

The results of The Great Diaper Blowout of Aught Eight:

Michael, giving his best, "Who, me?" look:

The post-laundry, totally stain free clothes:

In the interest of full disclosure I will share that stains of such proportions did require two treatments and two trips through the washer to be totally removed. Matt (who would, by the way, like the credit for cleaning the baby after said diaper blowout) was ready to just throw the clothes away, so bad were the stains. Shout Advanced, I sing thy praises! (Edited to add: When I look at that photo, it seems like there is a tiny hint of a shadow of a stain on the lighter piece of clothing, I swear to you, this cannot be seen in when I am holding the actual item in front of my face!)

And now, for some unrelated bonus content:

Harper has taken to falling asleep with sunglasses on because it is, according to her, too bright in her room when she tries to sleep.

Stay tuned, in a day or two there's going to be a contest!


Swistle said...

Oh, hey! We had that same aqua-colored sink, before we redid the bathroom! We redid it in white, and I thought I'd be so relieved, but actually I miss the aqua!

Emily said...

I GOTTA get me some of that Shout. I'm using this Dreft stain remover that just isn't cutting it. Already I fear some of David's clothes are ruined with permanent brown spots. :(

Anonymous said...

Well, I was going to ask how the Shout did on such stains, but thanks for the visual evidence! :o)


samantha jo campen said...

That blow-out was quite impressive! Yeah for Michael! :-)

And you should TOTALLY get some free Shout for those before and after pictures.

Mommy Daisy said...

Oh yeah, get all the free products that you can.

Your kids are cute...even with the poopy stories.