Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Table Talk

Harper and Dana had a play morning at our house yesterday. They had a fine time decorating large paper with scribbles and stickers. When we were little a friend of my mom's used to give us stickers. They were all kept in a drawer and we did not have free access to them. I think this was partly because my mom was afraid they'd end up stuck all over our furniture. It was the biggest deal if we got to use those stickers for something -- which might be why I'm so interested in stickers to this day. I have a tendency to horde stickers. But here's the thing, stickers are cheap. They make a great (peanut free!) grocery store treat for Harper. And then what? What do you do with stickers exactly? I put them on envelopes when I mail a letter or card. Harper occasionally gets excited about having one on her shirt. So to just hand the girls sheets of stickers to use willy-nilly seems so decadent, and if you're two it's lots of fun.


The other night we were all eating dinner together and Matt was trying to play word-association with Harper. It was one of the many times I've wished for some kind of video system through our home so I could go back and relive the conversation. Eventually we started talking about parents. Matt asked if Harper knew who his parents were and she said Nana and Dziatku. Then I asked who my parents were and she said Mugga and Grandpa. Then we asked who her parents were, she looked at us if we'd grown many heads, made a disgusted noise, and said, "You guys are my parents," in a tone that suggested she was totally insulted by the nature of the question.

Then we asked her who Rebound's parents were. That one stopped her cold. She thought for a bit and then said, "Dogs don't have parents!"

"What do they have?"

"Dogs have noonies."

"What's a noonie?"

Shaking her head, "Like a magic wand or something."

Now there's something I never knew.


In other news I got a flier in the mail yesterday with an offer for graduation announcements. Which struck me as kind of funny. Can you imagine if I had graduation announcements printed and mailed them to my dearest friends and family? Do you think people would send me graduation presents? Don't get my wrong, I'm in my last quarter of graduate school and there will be a huge woo-hoo posted here when I finish, but formal graduation announcements seem sort of silly at this point.


I believe this makes the 300th post here at Midwest Mom.

(If you are new to the site, just think of all the archives there are for you to read!)


Mommy Daisy said...

The girls are too cute. Love the sticker thing. I have a big stash of stickers too. I can't stop buying them.

"Noonies" huh? She has quite an imagination.

Yeah for the approaching graduation. You should have at least a small party. I remember celebrating my dad's master's degree with family and friends. It was as much a party for us for making it through with him, as it was for him.

Woo Hoo on the 300th post. I think I have read some of your archives. I'll have to go look again sometime. (I'm almost at 200 posts myself.)

Lil Mouse (Jill) said...

I agree,have a party. just print your own invitations. or have the girl draw on sheets of paper and tape or just print the info to the back. she gets to "help" and the info is already on there. You address and put on stamps, let her put the sticker on (the back like a seal) and you;re all set.

did i say congrats? umm congrats!!

Swistle said...

I am the same way about stickers! I get all SQUIRRELLY about them.

Harper is so cute! I think you should consider a full-house video system.