Thursday, September 27, 2007

More Park Fun

It rained like crazy here this morning, and we desperately needed it, but I always feel a little more stuck in the house on rainy days, even when we weren't planning to go anywhere. By dinner time, however, it was sunny outside and lots of the rain had dried up. Matt was gone, but Harper and I headed up to the grade school playground at our church. They have that rubber-type surface instead of being in an actual park which would have been very muddy.

Just as we were getting out of the car, a couple of other parents and children arrived at the playground. There was one little girl who was nearly 1 1/2 and then another girl who was probably about 4. Harper and the 4 year old ran around like crazy, following each other, and having a great time. Then that girl left and Harper slowed down a bit to hang with the toddler. She was so sweet and clearly just thrilled to be around other kids. We definitely do not spend enough time with other children. We are hoping to get Harper into a preschool program in January and I think she would really love it for the social interaction alone.

Here are some pictures of the park outing we had in St. Louis with Erin, Brett, Calum, and Emmett. Harper was thrilled to be with those children too.

Calum and Emmett

Calum and Harper

Calum and Harper (with slide hair!)

Erin and Emmett

Harper and Emmett

It is good to be home, of course, because there are many people we love right here; but we also miss the built in playmates (for Harper and me!) that we had in St. Louis.


Mommy Daisy said...

Oh yeah *brisk hand clap* I love all the pictures of the kiddos.

I understand the whole not having enough other children to play with thing. We're the same way here. Zachariah has just gotten to an age where he enjoys playing with other kids. When Matt and I talked about it before, I was hesitant to even look at preschools for when he gets older. Now, I'm seeing the benefits of it, like you mentioned.

Lil Mouse (Jill) said...

hey i saw something on the web about zoos and halloween and your zoo is doing something for the younger set. just fyi.

Giselle said...

I LOVE it when Andrew finds a playmate. It takes the pressure off me to run up and down and squeeze through tunnels (all the while you think the fire department has ever had to pry a woman out of this thing?). He has so much more fun...and quite frankly, so do I. ;)

Hey, I sent you an e-mail earlier this week...did you get it?