Saturday, September 15, 2007

Jane Game

Hi! We're home!

I'm pooped, but I'm going to combine this meme invite from Jill with a quick update. This is a middle name meme; the author writes one thing about herself for each letter of her middle name.

Mine is Jane.

J - Just arrived home today from a wonderful week in Florida.

A - Annoyed that the place we were staying told Matt that they had free wifi, when, in fact, it would have cost more to use it for the week than we pay in a month! Although once I "let go" of that it was something of a relief just to relax in the evening and not be worrying about all the email I should be answering.

N - Now dreading the unpacking. . . most of the suitcases are currently creating a luggage fortress around the kitchen table. And we've been home for hours.

E - Excited to see Harper, excited we had a great trip, and excited to take her to Disney someday. I'm also excited we didn't take her this week; while I missed her we saw lots of screaming children, reinforcing our conviction that the Magic Kingdom is not always the happiest place on earth if you're two.

We've all learned by now that I don't tend to tag people. . . I dislike the rejection I feel if they don't respond. But you're all invited to participate and let your middle name tell us something about you.


Giselle said...

Can't wait to hear more details about your trip! And I will NOT be doing this middle name is Jeannette...which is just too long for anyone to have to read. ;)

Erin said...

YAY for JANE!! I do love that name, KJ.

Welcome home. I missed you! I checked your blog every day even though I knew you weren't sitting in front of a computer. But you never know. I'm calling you tomorrow, by the way.

Mommy Daisy said...

Oh, I'm glad that you had such a great time. I can't wait to hear more about it and see pictures.

Emily said...

Welcome home! I thought of you because my brother and sister-in laws are planning a Disney trip for next March, so they talked alot about that. It made me want to go, though I wouldn't do it with Katy for a while...

Laura said...

You are clever indeed!

A meme and a trip recap? Girl, you are G-O-O-D!!

So you're clever and you're witty, but still not off the hook for pictures and stories... bring it on! (As soon as you do something about the luggage fortress in your kitchen!) *smile*