Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Random Thoughts And Park Pictures

I appreciate that several people have requested photos/stories from our Disney trip. One of these days I will be happy to share, but it is a little, um, overwhelming. A) We took literally hundreds of photos; I have no will power when it comes to the digital camera. Now I have to sort through all of them and I think I need to work up to the task. B) Do you really want to hear about our trip? We don't have any wild stories. Shall I describe the rides and shows? Again, feeling a little overwhelmed trying to figure out what would be post-worthy without writing my own Disney guidebook.

Moving on. . .

We had a delicious taste of fall earlier this week, marked by a couple of days when it was comfortable to get up and put on pants. Days during which we did not immediately start sweating when stepping out of the house. Now it is back up in the eighties, in true Ohio fashion, but longer lasting relief cannot be too far away. I love the kind of weather that makes me look at Harper and say, "Let's go to the park after dinner!" without faking enthusiasm.

We were only at the park for about twenty-five minutes, but it was long enough for Harper to say, "I really yike it at this park!" about 3,957 times. Other phrases uttered at the park included:

"First I will go down the big syide, then the other syide, and then you can watch me walk across the bridge."

"Thank you for bringing me here Mommy."

"Woah, I went really fast on that slide because I'm a big girl!"

Then we took some time to marvel at a white squirrel, which we have seen at this park before. Doesn't that seem, well, unlikely? I mean it's a white squirrel. Are there no squirrel predators in these parts?

Today Harper was feeling a little less chipper than during our park visit. She has a cold. The congestion and runny nose (shouldn't they be mutually exclusive?) set in last night, post park trip. We decided to have a low key pajama day around here. I supposed I should consider myself lucky that Harper choose subtle drama for this little bout of illness. She spent a good portion of her day sighing and saying things like, "I'm really sick Mommy." Or, "I don't feel good today." My favorite was, "I will have to go to bed right after dinner." Then she would request graham crackers, insisting that they would help her feel better.

We are supposed to be headed to St. Louis tomorrow to visit Erin and her beautiful boys. We'll see how Harper is feeling in the morning. No fever (she hasn't had one yet) and we're likely to try to make the trip. If we parents of two-year-olds canceled plans every time a nose got drippy, we'd all be permanently housebound. And since we're driving we can always cut the trip short or possibly postpone it a day. Canceling altogether would be a real shame because putting our kiddos together would definitely result in some pretty pictures.


Swistle said...

Oh, we need a photo of you and Erin and all threeeeee kids!

"without faking enthusiasm"--ha ha ha!

Mommy Daisy said...

Hmm about your trip...well, just tell us your favorite parts. Were you out and about a lot? What parks did you visit? Or did you stay in the hotel for long periods of time just enjoying the peace and quiet? Any pictures you share would be great.

Ahh, poor Harper. I hope her cold goes away. Her park trip sounds fun. I wish we had one closer. Cute cute pictures. Love the static hair. ;)

Emily said...

There was an albino squirrel on my college campus, so we would see it every once in a while, and yes, I always thought it was odd that it didn't get "picked off."
Also, I did get ahold of Cindy with my news, finally, last week after a lot of phone tag. And I'm not surprised that she suspected it...she's good at guessing those kinds of things.