Sunday, April 29, 2007

Virtual Fashion Show

I could probably subtitle this post, "Things you are highly unlikely to care about, #1." Of course that implies that you do care about my usually thrilling topics such as going to the park, cute things Harper says, displays of Harper's naughtiness, etc. But this is really pushing the limits of what a person might find entertaining, unless you are very excited about summer clothes for female toddlers. I am following Swistle's suggestion that Harper have her own fashion show. Nana helped us purchase some new duds from Lands' End, and I picked up a few supplemental items from Kohl's and Target. I did want to try the items on and make sure they fit okay before clipping the tags off and washing everything. So here, without further ado, are many of the new items for Harper's summer wardrobe:

Blue shirt and floral shorts from the Lands' End Kids catalog. I don't know why Harper looks as though she's trying to rap in that photo.

Pink shirt and skirt (with built-in shorts) from Lands' End Kids catalog; the skirt is looking a little long, but the next smaller size would have been way too small. I think she'll survive.

I will confess that Curious George might have been playing while we were trying the clothes on (She doesn't care what I make her do as long as she can watch that monkey at the same time!); which may have something to do with her refusal to look at the camera in this photo. The green tank top is another Lands' End item and the cute little denim shorts came from Target. They look like they have a zipper and button, but the button only decorates the elastic waist. This is a very important detail, as Harper hates the feel of most pants/shorts that actually zip/button and will cry out that they are, "Too fall (small)!" The best part, the shorts were only $3.99 at Target! She also has an olive green pair. (I wanted "neutrals" but they literally had at least a dozen colors to choose from.)

Turquoise shirt also from Lands' End. And Harper would like you to come play in her tent, you know, when you have time.

This top was also from Lands' End and the bright pink shorts came, 2 for $9.00, from Kohl's. Though it looks like a party color, bright pink apparently makes Harper very serious.

Last outfit for today. . . Harper's stripped shirt was another $3.99 find at Target, also available in at least a dozen varieties. The yellow shorts were the other half of the 2 for $9.00 deal at Kohl's. Look at my thrifty shopping!!!

Harper (still in the Target shirt) thanks you for attending Summer Fashion 2007.

Designers interested in being featured in her fall show should feel free to send us free clothes; size 3T please!


Mommy Daisy said...

Oh she's adorable. I dig the new summer wardrobe. And I'm headed over to Land's End online. I didn't know they had kids clothes. I never thought to look. I would love to do a fashion show with Zachariah, but he would never allow it I don't think. I LOVE baby/kids' clothes. SO. MUCH. FUN!

P.S. I think my favorite outfit was the first butterfly shirt and colorful pants. CUTE!

Swistle said...

This was really fun! I was especially glad to see what the Target shirt looks like on a child, because the posters next to the shirts showed children wearing different shirts than were for sale. It was odd. Anyway, now I know the shirts look CUTE and so I will BUY SOME!

I loved all the outfits. Also, Harper is such a cutie. It was fun to see an assortment of Harpers all in a row like that.

Anonymous said...

Love the clothes. That's the one thing that bums me out a little bit is that I have sooo many clothes for Max from all his cousins that I can't buy him stuff. There are so many cute things out there. You've go great taste! She looks like a little girl, not a little girl dressed in things a 20 year old would wear!
Love reading up on you guys!

Erin said...

I agree with everyone else: Harper is adorable. She seems to like modeling clothes. Posts like this make me want a little girl AND thankful that I don't have one. Because I'd go broke on little girl clothes, even at $3.99 a pop. Too dang cute.

Giselle said...

What a great idea for a blog post! Harper is adorable, as usual, and she gives me great hope that Lily will not have to be a hoochie-mama when she gets older. I'll definitely bookmark Lands End for girl's clothes.