Sunday, April 15, 2007

Can I Get a Leotard?

Matt was coaching today but I had some nice quiet time to work because Nana and Dziatku took Harper to see this:

Clifford Live! Right here in our little town. Harper even came home with a Clifford sippy cup which, by the way, is not spill proof. Nana and Dziatku reported that she was a little scared in the beginning, dark lights, loud music, a dog the size of a garage, but warmed up and had a good time. I was worried she would be disappointed since last night she told me she was going to pet Clifford and then ride on him. Although after the Elmo incident, I probably should have realized she wouldn't really want to get within touching distance of a tank-sized dog.

After Harper returned I was absentmindedly playing with her hair and I realized it was long enough for pigtails!

There is something about seeing this little girl in pigtails that made me want to slap a leotard on her and plonk her on a balance beam. Wouldn't she be a cute little gymnast? I blame my image of a little pigtailed gymnast on this book which I read in grade school and still have a tattered copy of in the basement. Then again there are books like this, which came up in my search and makes me think maybe no to the gymnastics after all.

Then I remember that Harper can still barely get both feet off the floor when she jumps and I don't think she'll be on the fast track for any elite sport in the near future.

And don't you think a child capable of making this face might need an outlet for her energy:


Some good news to share now; I had to take a standardized test which was required if I want my library media education certification in Ohio, which I do. I took it the first weekend of March and finally found out that I passed! Hooray! Apparently people from the graduate program I'm in generally don't have trouble with the test. A normal person may find that reassuring but not me. In all my neurotic glory I just thought about how terrible it would look if I were the only person from my program not to pass. So now that's one point of anxiety I can set aside. Don't worry, others will surely creep in shortly.


Mommy Daisy said...

Oh, I LOVE the pigtails. She looks so cute in them. And that face! Cute! Looks like Harper liked the pigtails too. ;)

Swistle said...

Hooray for ponytails! You know what's funny, is less than a week after I found out I could cram Elizabeth's hair into ponies, I bought her a little gymast leotard (pink velour long-sleeved top with a few rhinestones; little fluffy skirt). I had no idea the two things were related, but now that you mention it I think they ARE!

Laura said...

How exciting: pig tails and Clifford!?!? Cutie overload!

I do love the one-of-a-kind-Harper face you were able to capture in the great candid above.

Did she happen to eat pixie stixs for breakfast this day or what? You just can't help but to smile when you look at that face!

How cool to see Clifford!

Kelli in the Mirror said...

Hi! Stopped by from Mommy Daisy.

LOVE Harper's piggy tails. You're right, they do go with a leotard quite nicely.