Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Quick Update

Between being sick and being out of town things have felt a little crazy around here lately. It was wonderful to see my family in Wisconsin over Easter weekend, but way too short. We were only up there for one full day, heading up on Friday and driving part of the way back Sunday evening. The whole thing felt pretty rushed and chaotic, but it was a great opportunity to see many relatives we normally miss. One of my dad's brothers and his family hadn't seen us since Harper was about nine months old.

Harper had a grand time with seemingly unlimited playmates, which may explain why the first day back at home with only me for company was particularly nightmarish. We didn't hype the Easter thing much this year, but she still hunted for eggs like a champ and enjoyed being showered with treats and gifts.

This is kind of full-circle photo:

On the right is Rebecca, my oldest cousin's daughter. In the middle is Noah, my youngest cousin. Looking at those three children, can you guess which one has five siblings and is kind of over the togetherness thing?


In other news we put this in Harper's room on Monday:

There are horrible* side rails folded beneath the quilt, so please don't accuse us of child endangerment. Harper went right to sleep in it the first night, and stayed there all night. Today was a totally different story and I fear nap time is gone for good. Along with the possibility of me plonking her down in her crib for a pseudo-nap so I can at least take a shower. Taking the crib down might have been a decision too hastily made. . .

(*I don't think side rails in general are horrible, just the ones we purchased. We couldn't tell they were horrible until installing them and now we've ordered another set. I know you'll be dying to hear how it turns out and I promise to keep you informed.)


Swistle said...

Oh, a BIG GIRL BED! What an exciting step! Pretty quilt, too.

Erin said...

WOW! A big bed! Please keep us updated on how it goes. Even though Harper is a year older than Cal, we are seriously thinking about transitioning him to a twin mattress on the floor. He *loves* his crib, but we will need it for Baby Two soon. And goodness, we're cheap: we don't want to buy a second crib.