Monday, September 04, 2006

A Week in Wisconsin: Saturday (for Erin)

Saturday was our last full day in Wisconsin. Shannon had survived the sleep over with Natalie and Nicole and brought them over to see Harper before taking them back to Burlington. Harper was very happy to have some more attention from the girls. She's a fan of a pint-sized audience, being decidedly less shy around children than she can be around adults. She was feeling ownership of our old toys by then, and wanted to have a little say about who played with what. Fortunately Natalie and Nicole were fairly flexible in that regard.

My parents and Matt had taken off early to try to get some golf in, one of the primary motivators for Matt to drive all the way to Wisconsin. I think they managed about nine holes before pouring rain drove them off the course. Activities such as tickling Harper were not impacted by the rain.

Matt, my parents, Shannon, Harper and I enjoyed a big spaghetti dinner Saturday night. Matt tired to teach Harper a little game with the spaghetti noodles.

It took Harper a little while to catch on, then she thought it was funny. I'm hoping she'll have forgotten this by the time we eat spaghetti again. It would be very like her to refuse to eat another spaghetti noodle unless Matt was also eating it. I don't think this would go over well in restaurants.

After Harper went to bed we played a game of hearts. This used to be a favorite family game when we went on vacation, especially since my little brother is good at cards. My memories of playing hearts are both good and bad. I enjoyed the family time, but I was terrible at actually playing. Recently I have learned both pinochle and euchre and played a fair amount of each. Having this increased experience in the realm of card games, I'd hoped I might have absorbed something that would improve my ability to play hearts. Alas, this was not the case. Fortunately I am not competitive enough to have an evening ruined by losing.

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