Sunday, September 17, 2006

Daddy's Girl

It seems that Harper is becoming more of a daddy's girl with every passing day. She is interested in everything he does. And by everything I mean the girl is fascinated by the fact that he goes to the bathroom standing up. Sorry kiddo, you're not going to have any luck with that one.

Harper and Matt like to wrestle, tickle, and engage in throwing-around-in-the-air activities that I am not so great at. They are particularly skilled at enjoying baths and games of the "let's get all riled up before bed" nature. You can occasionally catch them doing something a little more mellow, like watching football, together.

One day last week while I was, ahem, indisposed, Harper managed to pull nearly all of Matt's ties off of a hanger in the closet. We both lacked the patience to hang them all back up at that point in time, so Harper and I put them into a nearby laundry basket.

Flash-forward to the following morning, Harper and I are lounging in bed watching Curious George when she decides to further investigate those ties. She fished one out of the basket wrapped it around her neck and said, "Ah go wok(work) now!" Then she came over to kiss me and said, "Bye-bye, swee (sweetie?). Too!"

(If I have not explained this before now, "Too!" Is Harper's way of saying I love you. Apparently Matt and I say,"I love you, too," to one another fairly often; Harper picked it up and just can't be bothered with all those extra words.)

When I had finished cracking up, Harper let me "tie" the tie around her neck.

She spent much of the morning wearing that tie, clomping around in a pair of Matt's shoes, saying, "Ah be Daddy!"

Just wait until he gets her on a basketball court! I can already feel my influence waning.

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Giselle said...

So sweet! Nothing melts my heart like a good daddy. Harper's lucky to have one!