Wednesday, September 13, 2006

One Year Later. . .

I have brought it to my own attention that I have been posting to this blog for nearly one year. Considering the fact that I wasn't sure I'd last a month, I'm pretty darn proud that soon I will have persisted in self-publishing my mostly mindless prattle for 365 days. I keep you coming back with cute pictures of the kid. What was the world like before digital cameras?

So, as the blog-birthday approaches, I am wondering some things:

1) Who are you? I know that Erin, my dad, my sister, my brother, my mom, and Dotto read this pretty regularly. There are a few others who check in at least once in a while. Do I have any "lurkers" out there? People who read, but never, ever say anything to me about it, whether by leaving a comment or telling me in person.

2) Would you like to read more or less about Harper's poop? I'm just asking. I actually have a lot to say on the subject, but I try to refrain from commenting on it too often. Some people eat meals in front of their computers, I respect that.

3) Does anyone know of a way I can archive this for the kid, the main person I write for, who may want to read it someday? I live in constant fear that computer programs I like are going to a) simply stop existing, or b) start charging for things I used to be able to do for free. I guess I could cut and paste all the entries into a word document, but that's kind of boring. I'm open to suggestions.

4) Do you have a favorite post? For example, if I was going to put a little "highlight" reel together, what would I include?

And now for a public service announcement:

Beware of Quaker Oatmeal Squares cereal! Harper is obsessed with the stuff. She covets it more than anything, including cookies. If I am foolish enough to ask her what she wants to eat she says, "see-al pease, see-al!" A request which lately has been followed up with, "Ah nee mik!" She needs milk? Use your manners child! Oh well, at least she says please for the cereal.

I'm well aware that it could be worse, she could be asking me for frosted pop tarts, chocolate chip cookies, ice cream, candy. . . But high-fiber oatmeal cereal it is! And since she's not asking for candy, I'm likely to give her what she wants. Unfortunately she'd rather eat cereal than anything else, which is starting a trend toward even less variety in her diet. If only I could figure out a way to get some veggies into the cereal squares, then we'd be in business.


Erin said...

One of my all time favorite posts is the Toddler Race. But I also really liked the Rise & Fall of the Cereal Artist and the one where Harper is trying to write something on a card and is concentrating really really hard.

As far as archiving, Brett puts mine into pdf form for me. I am guessing you probably don't have that kind of program (Adobe writer or Acrobat Distiller) on your home computer, but maybe Matt has it at work? The files are much more manageable in pdf format than in Word.

Anonymous said...


Please, please keep writing. I would be lost without the blog and how an=m I going to keep upwith Harper without the blog especially when I am out of the country?? I will work on suggestions for saving this.



Ann said...

I received an email from a friend who said she enjoys the blog and the poop stories brought back memories of raising her kids. She's my age so I'm surprised she can remember back that far. The site is great and I'm sure no one's time would be better spent than to see the antics of the cutest, sweetest, most adorable little one around.

Anonymous said...

Kelsey, you can totally add me to the list of regulars.

1) I check your blog almost every other day, sometimes more, but I'm just not much of a "commentor." I'll try to be better about that.

2) As of right now, I'd have to vote for less poop stories, but that may be due to the fact that I'm not a mom yet. Ask me in a couple of years, and I'll probably have a different answer.

3) I'm sorry I really can't help you with the archiving thing. If it was design-related I could probably help you out, but I don't do much web work.

4) My absolute favorite post is your letter to Harper on her birthday. I LOVE that one. And I have to agree with Erin about the Toddler Race. That one had me cracking up.

Thanks for opening your life to us. Even thousands of miles away in Denver, I feel close to you. Keep blogging away!


Jamie said...

I of course LOVE the blog and keep it as my home page so that I can know as soon as possible when it has been updated. The updates honestly make my day...

Also, do NOT fret about your daughter's love of cereal. As you know, from a young age it was a staple of my diet and that continues strongly into my twenties as I remain an individual in more-or-less quality health. With that Oatmeal stuff she's even a step ahead of me...

I don't really have suggestions for saving the blog or a highlight reel. As far as poop is concerned, it doesn't bother me, I never stop reading if you give a vulgarity warning. That being said, I am rather indifferent... if it is there, I will read on... if it isn't, I probably won't throw a fit.

I hope all is well! I love you.


Anonymous said...

Kristin (Shannon's, Harper's auntie, roommate) here. I am madly in love with the blog. It is the first thing I check when I turn my computer on. I am constantly trying to get my brother to do one for my niece and nephew.

As for the poop both Shannon and Jamie got an earfull the other day about my stomach ache from a rather nasty entry and they both said "she warned you" so I will say, my fault you did warn me - continue on!

I suck at computers so others will have to help you save.

Keep on filling cyberspace with Harper's wonderful face!

Anonymous said...

I agree, Kelsey, I love your blog. Sorry, I'm one of the "lurkers" who only comments periodically. The pictures are awesome but your writing is even better. Keep writing and I'll keep reading!