Friday, September 01, 2006

A Week in Wisconsin: Friday

Friday we got moving at a decent time, in order to take Harper to Burlington, Wisconsin, to visit some relatives. Amazingly enough, I failed to take a single picture while we were in Burlington! Which is really a shame, as Harper saw three great grandparents and several of my aunts and cousins. Including Aunt Ellen, giver of the tea set; and Aunt Pam whose little dog had Harper squealing with delight during most of our visit. How I passed on the opportunity to take pictures of my cute child with a cute dog, I'll never know. Shame on me.

We also picked up my cousins Natalie (my goddaughter) and Nicole (Shannon's goddaughter) while we were there. They came back to Sussex with us where they played with Harper's toys and watched The Disney Channel while Harper napped. When Shannon got off work we all went to see a movie, then had dinner, and the girls slept over at Shannon's. I left at 10:30 when Matt arrived from Ohio. Yea!

While Shannon and I were having our girl time, Harper went out with my parents to the restaurant where some of my dad's colleagues were having dinner. Of course they were hoping Harper would charm the pants off of everyone, but I hear she mostly clung to my mom and threw her pouty-lip-look around. Oh well. I've always said she's not a very "on demand" kind of kid, meaning she'll only ham it up when she's in the mood. Which is fine, since we're raising a daughter and not a circus monkey.


Erin said...

What? No Saturday update??

I am sitting around here waiting to hear what happens on Saturday. And now it is Sunday, and I'm a whole day behind. It's like missing your favorite TV show because the stinkin' president decides to hold a press conference in prime time.

Erin said...

twenty-four hours later: you're killing me.