Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Rehearsal

I am just not quite sure how to talk about the wedding - I mean, it was my little brother's wedding - which feels/felt monumental to me in ways that it is unlikely to feel monumental to you. For example:

Those two groomsmen have been friends of my brother's since grade school. The taller one? I used to babysit him. It is kind of strange to look at that man and think about how I used to help him with his jammies and brush his teeth at bedtime!

The bride and groom managed to strike a nice tone between serious and not-too-serious. I'm impressed that Molly had the ribbon bouquet from her shower - I don't recall whether I had mine for my rehearsal or not...

Harper and Charlie (Molly's nephew) did a good job of being cute - which is really the only requirement for flower girls and ring bearers, right?

The highlight of the evening, for Harper, came after dinner when Molly gave her a gift - a white clutch with fabric flowers on it. Inside was a box of sparkling hair clips that Molly wore in her brother's wedding, passed along to Harper for the big day.

And speaking of hair - I am not sure you can see it, but Harper had two little pearls nestled in her hair for the rehearsal dinner. Those were hair pins that I wore in my hair for Erin's wedding. Not something special that anyone would notice, but it mattered to me that Harper could wear something I'd worn for another beautiful summer wedding.


Pam said...

Lovely story and i totally get why it was monumental for you.
One funny thing - you wrote "pears" instead of "pearls" and O was thinking - how odd to put pears in your hair at a wedding! lol

CARRIE said...

Love the passing along of special wedding items.

My kid brother turned 35 this year. I mean, that is grown-up. And I don't usually feel older until I think of him being whatever age he is, and knowing I'm 3 years older.

Kelsey said...

Pam - I changed it to pearls! I am a terrible proof reader! Fruit would be a funny thing to wear for a wedding. :-)

tracy said...

I have a vague recollection of clip-on hair ... was that for Erin's wedding?

Emily said...

Hi Kels! I wanted you to know that we had so much fun seeing you this week, and later that day I was kicking myself because I meant to ask you about the wedding. (and lots of other things, like we said, it was hard to talk!) Anyway, the pictures are amazing - so happy for your family. And that peanut butter story? Breaks my heart! I can't believe that someone who is a paid children's entertainer has not had a parent complain about that. Ridiculous!