Sunday, July 10, 2011

Flower Girl Day, In Pictures

My grandmother, my mom's mom, made Kit a wedding day dress to "match" Harper. We kept her close for much of the special day. This is one of several pictures we took prior to the ceremony.
Kit was fortunate to have a turn holding the flowers. Lucky doll.
I loved Harper in the light through that window in St. Mary's Hall. My camera didn't quite work with me on this one, but I still love the idea of this picture, even I didn't capture the light very well.
You wouldn't know from this shot how insanely nervous she was... "What if someone trips Mom?"
Another pre-ceremony shot.
One of the photographers helped Harper use the professional camera to take a photo of Charlie; there is something about the positioning of her body in this shot that I love - a little professional.
Finally, entering the church! Someone at the back told us that Harper took his hand, looked at him, and said, "Charlie! Smile!"
After the ceremony I took one photo near the echo spot (UD folks know what I mean). She wasn't unhappy, just in need of sunglasses.
Harper and Kit were happy to pose for a few more shots, post wedding.
Testing out the dance floor and twirlability of her dress...
Harper enjoyed dancing with my cousin's daughter, Rebecca. (I realize the dance floor pictures are weirdly lit...)
She looked like a natural with the tambourine.
If you enlarge this picture, you'll get a pretty good idea of Harper's dance style! That is her serious dancing face.
Sooner or later even the flower girl is too pooped to party.
Harper took one last look at the dance floor while she waited for Matt to bring the car around. What a night!


Marie Green said...

What an awesome experience for her! She looks so old in that dress!

bluedaisy said...

So lovely and poised! The dress color is really rather perfect for her. And it looks like she had a blast :)

Erin said...

Oh kelsey! She looks so grown up, and yet so young at the same time. Love these posts, and love that those hair pins got another wear :-)

Giselle said...

She's beautiful! What a gorgeous dress for a little girl.

And bravo to Grandma for the matching doll dress. She'll be able to reinact her big day over and over.

Swistle said...

What a fun idea to have a dress for the doll!

My favorite photo is the one of the two of them coming into the church.

Heather said...

Harper looked lovely - and more importantly, it looks like she had a good time! I love the last photo of her getting one more glimpse before leaving.

CARRIE said...

She is an absolute beauty!!! I love the pic of her "gettin' down on the dance floor."

tracy said...

Harper looks so beautiful. I love all of the pictures, all of the UD references, just everything. Looks like it was a pretty magical day for her.