Monday, July 18, 2011

Just a Few More Wedding Photos

I'm guessing you've all moved on from thinking about my brother's wedding, but I had a few more pictures I wanted to share...

Here's one of Molly entering the church - while it is really an example of how terrible my camera was working in that lighting, I actually kind of love how it turned out...

I hadn't even talked about the special outfit Michael got for the wedding. I found it difficult to find something that would be comfortable for him to move around in and feel good in the heat. As it turned out, post-Easter sales were my friends. I even found him a cute little pair of plaid shoes on clearance at Target the day before the wedding. $3.24!

Jamie and Molly used a guest book with Scrabble tiles on the front (I should have taken a photo of that but I didn't even manage to sign it...) and a wedding theme was (sort of) born. Saying the wedding was scrabble themed might be a little too strong, but they did put Scrabble tiles on their cupcakes and used photos of Scrabble tiles as the table markers. It was subtle and very cute.

I loved the simplicity of their centerpieces - the room was sort of bright and airy and these hurricanes suited it well. I also really dislike sitting at a table trying to have a conversation when the centerpieces block my view of half the people I am sitting with. I loved this choice.

I don't post many full family photos here - partly because it is so difficult to get all four of us to smile/look at the camera at once - how people with more children do it I'll never know.

It's too bad the flowers are blocking my brother's face in this shot, but it was a sweet moment. My kids love their Aunt Molly, and their Uncle Jamie, too.

You can tell Michael had been dancing up a storm - he couldn't keep his shirt tucked in! I worried that he would be shy at the reception but he was a maniac (in a fun way) and lasted much further into the night than I'd expected.

I don't know if you can tell from this photo - but my mom's dress had kind of a lacy overlay on top - during the wedding mass Molly's bracelet got stuck on it in the middle of the Sign of Peace! Someone undid the clasp so it fell off her wrist, then I reached forward to untangle it from my mom's dress and held it until I had a chance to give it back to Molly after the ceremony. Most people in the church couldn't tell that had happened, but everyone in my row had to stifle giggles for several minutes.

I love when I look through wedding photos and everyone just looks happy! Molly and Jamie were beaming - and the flower girl wasn't having a bad time either. 

Since most of my extended family lives in Wisconsin and none of them live in Ohio, we decided to top off the weekend with an open house at our place on Sunday. We ended up having about 50 family members in and out in the late morning and early afternoon. We don't do a lot of hosting beyond having our own brother and sisters and parents here - so I was a little nervous. Fortunately things went really well and I loved being able to welcome aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents into our home. We were lucky the weather cooperated because it would have felt like a different event if we'd had everyone IN the house at once.

There were so many people at our house!

Overall the weekend was a huge success. I was so happy to share in Molly and Jamie's celebration and thrilled that Molly is officially a member of our family. 


bluedaisy said...

Such a beautiful wedding- I agree with you on the centerpieces...
simple yet very elegant. That is a lovely family photo of the four of you! Looks like a very happy day all around. And we don't host large events at our house either (because it's small) but I am sure your family loved the get together, especially after the wedding. So nice to relax the day after & get to chat with family/ friends! If I were hosting, it would have stressed me out but if I were a guest, I would have just enjoyed having a place to hang for the day :) I am sure your guests felt the same way!

Sarah said...

What a great idea to have an open house! And how gracious of you- I think I'd be intimidated/dirt-a-phobic about having that many people in and out of my house. Also about the food part. I am a decent cook, but I am no catering chef for a crowd of fifty! I am impressed!

Chris said...

Such great pictures! The one of Jamie, Molly, and Harper is just precious. You should frame it for all of them! Thanks for posting. I was certainly interested!

MamaK said...

the scrabble 'theme' is awesome! how did it come about (or, was there a particular story about the guest book?)

we once bought old scrabble games at a thrift store adn used the letters to make personalized photo frames for family :)

LOVE the photos too, thanks for sharing. total props on the open house too! so gracious of you- i love family events like that but rarely get to host one