Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thank Goodness They're Funny

Wow - as soon as we have a moment where I feel like we're all existing pleasantly the kids go completely bonkers. Right now the difficulty is this: if I want to get anything accomplished during their waking hours I have to deal with the chaos of them fighting and breaking things and screaming and did I mention the fighting?

Michael has developed some sort of sudden onset toddler psychosis - which happened approximately one day before he hit the 2.5 mark. (In case you haven't been hanging on my every word for the last five years just know that from age 2.5 to 3.5 was by far the most difficult year, for me, of Harper's young life.) Michael was apparently visited by the testosterone fairy because he is suddenly prone to throwing things, hitting, and vehemently disagreeing with us.

And Harper, while she is enjoying school immensely, is sort of over it by the time she gets home, and can be generally tired, hungry, and cranky.


Anyway, it helps that they occasionally say things that make me pee my pants laughing. Here are a handful of examples from the last month or so:

1) Michael learned a song about a turtle that ends with hand clap and enthusiastic, "Pop!" But Michael has, among other speech quirks, trouble with final consonants so when he sings the song it comes out, "Pot!"

We were singing the turtle song on the way north for our Michigan trip when Harper piped up and said, "Wow, Michael's really going to know how to say 'pot' when he gets to college!"

Of course she meant because he'd said it so often singing the turtle song, but that's not why we laughed.

2) Michael and I had dropped Harper off at school one morning and were discussing where everyone goes/what they do during the day. Daddy is at work, Harper goes to school, Michael sometimes goes to school, etc.

I said to Michael, "I don't go to work anymore, what do I do during the day?"

To which he replied, "Keen uppa duh pyates!" (Clean up the plates.)

And I do.

3) Yesterday Harper was looking at the sudoku book I have been working on and read the title, "Light and Easy Sudoku, Volume 2." She paused for a moment and then asked, "Does that mean it is only a little bit loud?"

Because of the word volume...

I laughed for about five minutes and then she looked at me and said, "Are you going to write that down?"

Feeling Seuss-ish


bluedaisy said...

Adorable stories and I love the picture at the end! Hope this next year turns out better then you expect :) I personally am not loving the 4-year-old stage and am equally thankful for the laughter!

Emily said...

Right there with you on the 2.5. What is UP with that age? I am realizing that I should have potty trained him while he was more agreeable. Because now he vehemently refuses. Shoot.

CARRIE said...

I LOVE it that Harper knows you write stuff down that she says or does.

Now that N is writing all the time, she and I kinda write notes/journals to each other. It is so cool.

Sarah said...

Ha. I was just wondering the other day what the kids must think my actual "job" is: is it laundry, is it cleaning, is it cooking, is it wiping their butts, is it running and fetching all day long? But maybe it's the meals and dishes that stand out the most to kids. I clean the plates.

tracy said...

The braided ponytail on the top of the head must be the CUTEST hairstyle ever! Yet one that never occurred to me until I saw that last picture, I can't wait to try it out on Ruth.

ps: the pork was perfect! despite the fact that I forgot to set my timer and didn't realize that my meat thermometer was broken. thanks for being my on-call culinary expert!