Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Harper 5.10

Her tongue sticks out when she concentrates - dribbling on the basketball court and coloring at the kitchen table. She sleeps with a light on beside her bed. She still says "lusually" and "amblee-ance". She reads big kid books by herself but still likes to play with the Little People toys. She is scared of bugs but brave in a swimming pool.

Almost six.


Chris said...

Can you believe she is almost 6?!? Sunday night got me thinking how long we've known you, and I really can't fathom how the time has flown. We are so blessed to have gotten to know each and every one of you guys, and we look forward to seeing the kids grow! Love the picture, by the way :)

CARRIE said...

It is a strangely special time....they are still young kids but edging ever closer to tween-world. I try to treasure the little kid things N does because I know that time will all too soon be ending.

Erin said...

aaaaand! I left my comment on the wrong post.


tracy said...

She is AMAZING, Kelsey.

And we have that same dress! In brown. It's one of Ruth's favorites.