Thursday, September 02, 2010


We've been back to school for exactly seven school days and Michael was home sick today!

Le sigh.

It was not a great day, and the crowning moment may have been at dinner when Harper somehow went flying from her chair. FLYING - feet above the chair - arms flailing - its kind of amazing no bones were broken/no blood shed.

Sidebar: Do others of you have five-year-olds who cannot, for the love of all that is holy, sit still at a dinner table?

In the process she knocked her full cup of milk into the air and it gracefully showered Michael before landing all over the kitchen floor. So in about .5 seconds we went from relatively peaceful dinner to two scah-reaming children, one of them covered in milk, and one dog lapping up milk puddles which would likely induce vomiting.

Have I mentioned that Matt wasn't home?

So, uh, yeah, that was today.

BUT today was also two phone calls from far away friends, and a few miraculous minutes in which to conduct them in peace.

My complaints are few, truly, though I wouldn't mind getting through tomorrow without anyone being showered in milk.


Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better at all, I have a classroom of kindergarten students who can't sit still, either. (And then I come home to 4 very busy boys!)

I hope Friday is better for all of you. I hope Michael feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

Oops, that was me. I forgot to sign my name.
Beth Anne

Erin said...

Pretty much sounds like every meal we eat at home. Which is the number one reason why we usually don't eat at home.

Val said...

If you can figure out how to keep them still during dinner, that would be great. My five-year old is ALL over the place, from the moment she wakes up...well, actually, screw that, she's constantly a ball of motion, even when she sleeps. And it's rubbing off on my almost-three year old - he's decided it makes perfect sense to get up and walk around during dinner...GAH.

Chris said...

You beat us to being sick, and I am sure we won't be far behind (unfortunately). The beginning of school does it to us every time.

All of our children have sitting still issues at the table. I actually tell Aaron sometimes, "I am sure that Harper doesn't try to pull that!" I won't let on she isn't an angel at the table :)

Glad she wasn't hurt :)

Have a great day!

Kate said...

I'm feeling less guilty that we don't have sit down dinners every night *lol*. Kudos for trying! Your kids will grow up with manners, and mine will be on the floor lapping up the milk with the dog!

MamaK said...

oh no! Feel better, Michael!

And here I am with a wiggly two year old, thinking that he'll grow OUT of kicking the table and leaning his chair back...

Perhaps we'll keep sippy cups til he's in middle school?

GOOD LUCK with the wiggles and the germs!

CARRIE said...

N started school on Aug 17th, so I am just waiting for the first sign of illness to rip through our house and made me homebound and crazy for 8 days straight.

And I TOTALLY feel ya on the kid not being able to sit still. In my case, 1st grade hasn't made it ANY better. I used to think I might like to become certified to teach elementary, but now I think not. I will take surly middle schoolers over whirling dervishes.

I have threatened to break out the duct tape for my 6-year-old. Sometimes for her sassy mouth; sometimes so she'll stay seated at meals.