Thursday, August 26, 2010


Whew - it has really been a whirlwind week. Beyond the logistics of Michael's first days, we've been drowning in a sea of back-to-school paperwork (FYI making copies of all that stuff makes it loads easier for the next year and is helpful if the paperwork gets lost!). Today was Harper's kindergarten orientation and her first day, finally, will be tomorrow.

Harper was a little shy with the teacher when we walked into the classroom, but quickly spotted a friend and was then at ease. I was proud of how she dutifully sat and worked on her coloring pages while the principal, PTO parents, counselors, nurse, and teacher addressed the parents. When she finished both papers and drew pictures on the backs she sort of looked up at me and shrugged, and then continued to sit politely. Harper's kindergarten class is large, 25 children, and I think being able to concentrate/behave amidst distraction is going to be fairly important for a successful year!

We had about two and a half hours to spend before we needed to pick Michael up from school so Harper and I headed over to the arboretum to visit the butterfly house.

It was lovely to have some time alone with my girl. While we technically can have some alone time while Michael naps each day I often feel like I have tasks that need to be accomplished during those times. Being out together, just the two of us, is a special treat.

We went to visit the butterflies today because it is something we've enjoyed often in the past. It didn't occur to me until I was uploading these photos that spending time among the butterflies was the perfect activity to share as we are about to send Harper off to school.

We've had many first days of school before, three, four if you count the mid-year switch. But this one, this one feels a little different...

Off she goes.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the photo of Harper spreading her wings (and getting ready to embark on the wonderful journey that is kindergarten!)The photo is just perfect.

I met my new kindergarten students at open house tonight. There is nothing as exciting as those sweet, joyous, "brand-new" little faces smiling up at me. Happy school year to all!
~Beth Anne

Giselle said...

Ugh...this post made me cry. ;) I am going to be such a mess when Andrew starts on Monday.

I didn't have as hard of a time with K for some reason. Probably because around here it is only 2 1/2 hours long, so it was just like another year of preschool except you don't have to provide transportation...nothing to cry about there! But that lack of dropping off/picking up IS such a big deal, because it makes that school their own place.

Harper is going to love it so much! Best wishes tomorrow!

(as a side note...does school always start on a Friday? Or is it just for Kindergarteners?)

tracy said...

Kelsey! This is such a huge treat! I think I've checked the blog nearly every day this week, and there is ALWAYS a new post! You are spoiling us.

That Harper ... she sure is something. I can't wait to hear how it went today. And the haircut continues to look beautiful!

We've had a bit of a hectic week, but I am still planning to catch you via phone sometime soon. I miss and love you.

Pam said...

This post got me all choked up! What a wonderful picture of her spreading her wings.

Val said...

My daughter starts on 9/9 - with orientation, meet the teacher on 9/8. The more posts I see from parents whose kids have just gone off to K the more I clutch my heart and think - really - where did the time go? How is it possible?!

I hope Harper has a great day tomorrow, I can't wait to hear all about it!