Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Second Verse Same as the First

Today was Michael's second first day of school. Since shortly after birth Michael's development has been followed closely through free local early intervention programs. His speech is still lagging behind and that is part of why he qualifies for early intervention toddler group, which is where he will be on Monday and Wednesday mornings. He is in a class with an early intervention specialist, two teacher assistants, and only seven children - an excellent opportunity to be sure.

He is not nearly as familiar with the early intervention specialist, or the building that program is in, as he is with the preschool he went to yesterday. I hoped today would go well but tried to keep my expectations in check.

Michael was very excited to head out to toddler group today, especially because he got to wear his new back pack:

Here he is in front of his classroom, looking like he is about to fill his diaper. Wha? Believe it or not, this was a happy face:

Toddler group went well, not quite as well as yesterday, but still well. His teacher said he whimpered on and off throughout the morning, but actual tears didn't last too long. I think the small class will help him adjust quickly.

Tomorrow Harper and I will head to her kindergarten orientation and her first official day is Friday. Next week we'll really start to settle into our new routines... I hope!


Swistle said...

He's looking like such a big kid!

MamaK said...

love the backpack! way to go, Michael, getting through your first day!! you, too Kelsey :) I'm finding it a bit harder than I thought down here... but I'm sure both our boys will adjust wonderfully. Looking forward to hearing about Harper's day too!

CARRIE said...

I'm not sure if he's wearing the backpack or the other way around, but it is still cute, cute, cute.
It is good to begin new routines.