Tuesday, August 24, 2010

School Time

So back to school time is here - it's kind of a waterfall of "first days" for us this year. Michael is in a preschool and an early intervention toddler group. Today was his first day of preschool and toddler group begins tomorrow. Before we could send anyone back to school, however, it was time to clear the art wall.

Here's what it looked like before:

Now it is ready for some fresh art:

And here is my big, nearly two and a half year-old, all ready to hop in the car and go to school:

He was that happy until the moment I leaned down to kiss him and say goodbye. We went to school for an open house last week and we all stayed for a while, I think he was hoping we'd stay again today. No such luck.

I think Michael was pleasantly surprised when I picked him up right after lunch. His preschool is the same place the kids had preschool/day care when I worked last spring and they were there all day long. Perhaps he won't be so weepy when I drop him off once he realizes he isn't going to be there all day - I can hope!

When I returned to pick him up his teachers told me what a wonderful morning he'd had. He was happily listening to a story when I arrived and his bear (comfort object) was tucked safely in his cubby. He was thrilled to see me and enthusiastically babbled about his morning.

If tomorrow's first day of toddler group goes even half as well, we'll be in good shape!


Anonymous said...

Ack! How can Michael be that big?! What a cute picture of him. And kindergarten? How did THAT happen?

I hope it's a great beginning to the school year for all of you.
Beth Anne Krahn

Giselle said...

Ack...I can't believe how grown up Michael looks in that picture! I think by being the youngest, I just always think of the Michael's as being babies. My Michael didn't make the cut off for pre-school, but I don't think I could have sent him anyway...my BABY! Soon I'll have to get over that, of course ;)

Emily said...

I love your art wall. Trying to think if we have a space where I could do something similar...

And that picture is too precious. How did the boys get this big? So glad he had a good first day.

tracy said...

I am so glad to hear Michael's first day went well. He is such a big boy! I love the picture.

You have done such an amazing job with your kids, Kels.

And also -- the recent increase in blog posts? LOVING them!