Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Oh, Hi!

So I have been pretty much out of the blogging loop for nearly two weeks. Not writing (obviously) and not reading or commenting much either.

It was nice, in a way, to take a little break, not feel so compelled to jump to the computer every three minutes. But I think I'm finally over the break and will try to ease back into things.

The problem with a blogging break is that I am now so overwhelmed by all the things I'd like to write about I am not sure where to begin...

How about a couple of quick Harper stories?

I have mentioned before how charming I find some of her language misunderstandings and how I'll be sad when they've been outgrown. Here's what's cracking me up lately:

When Harper is at loose ends she'll come over to me and whine, "Mom, I'm really boring!"

Tonight on the phone with Auntie M she was trying to say something didn't bother her and it came out, "I just don't matter."


Later tonight a bug surprised her in our front hallway, some kind of beetle, about a centimeter or two in diameter, and the shriek she let out nearly gave me a heart attack. I was on the phone with my mother-in-law (Nana, Ann, etc.) at the time and she thought something horrible had happened. For the rest of the night Harper refused to cross that part of the floor, claiming she didn't want to step in any leftover bug blood.


Hillary or Ryan said...

First of all, I still screw up sentences/phrases/words that come out of my mouth. Perhaps Harper will be far more eloquent than I am, but I enjoy a lifetime of ridiculous words of my own creation.

Furry jumping spider? Sounds somewhat similar to Harper's beetle incident. Is this a distance relative of the spider? Perhaps.

Giselle said...

It's so weird that you wrote this post, because just this morning I was thinking that I should call you and see how things were. I miss hearing about you and your family ;)

And I totally understand feeling like there is too much to write about. Like I have to write a post about Jeff's new job, and Michael singing along to a song, and Andrew and Lily doing Care Bear stares, and me discovering brooms...and on and on.

-sigh- So little time, so much drivel to write about ;)

Astarte said...

bug blood!!!!!! HA!!!! She's totally right! I actually try not to step in places where i've recently squished something, either, like it's some kind of crime scene. :)