Thursday, July 16, 2009


On Monday we had a chance to meet up with some other friends/bloggers at a park and "sprayground" near our house. Emily was visiting from other realms of Ohio and Jen was there with her kids as well. I know Emily because she was great high school friends with a college friend of mine. Jen and Emily, I think, grew up going to the same church. I first met Jen through our blogs but now we are somewhat "real life" friends. All caught up now?

We arranged a meet up since Emily was in town. Harper has played with Emily's daughter, Katy, before, but this was the first time she met Jen's kids. Even though I suspect we'll get together with Jen again and our kids will get along well, Harper mostly played with another random park-going child who was not a part of our arranged meet up - which I guess I can't argue with! Even if they didn't stick together like glue, it was still fun to see all of our kiddos in the mix. It is sort of cliche to say so at this point, but one of the great things about blogging is the people it has brought me in touch with, people I would not likely have know were it not for our little online lives.

Michael was an angel and just chilled in his stroller for the first half of the morning, just on the cusp of falling asleep. Once he got restless I entertained him for a while in the swing; he was not at all interested in the water. I suspect this will change once he is walking around and steady on his feet. I wouldn't want to crawl into geyser either.

Harper was all over the place: in the water, playing "pirates" on the equipment, and playing hide and seek.

The sprayground isn't a park we go to very often since Michael is a little young to really enjoy it and it is often very, very crowded (As in the daycare vans pull up and let out dozens of kids at a time!), but it was lovely to spend the morning there and catch up with Jen and Emily a bit.

The most shocking moment of the day came when we sat the three littlest down together and I saw that Michael and David are practically the same size - I wish I had a photo from when they were together LAST spring and Michael was about half David's size. My little preemie is certainly catching up. I really love this photo of David, Michael, and Emmy:

All three kids are facing the camera - that's success when you're dealing with little ones. And this was taken after Emmy had tried to take off Michael's hat; sometimes you can't recover from those photographic circumstances!


On Saturday we are going to get up before the sun (seriously, by several hours), put the kids in the car, and head to the Wisconsin Dells for a week of vacation with my family. We will be totally off the grid - no internet, no cell phones (gasp!) for the week. If all our packing is finished I might schedule a few things to post while we're gone. So it will seem like I'm here, even though I'll be partying it up family style. The internet is tricky that way. Hope you're all enjoying summer - see you after vacation!


Kate said...

Laura and I would like to plan some sort of meet-up in Columbus at some point. Maybe this fall? We could go apple picking or do a corn maze or something. Or COSI. Or whatever. It'd be fun to have you... but wait, harper will be in Kindergarten. It will have to be a weekend. This whole school thing is so weird!!

Liz said...

have fun in the dells!! we'll touch base when you get back! :)

Giselle said...

I want to come...can we do it in December? ;)

And Harper will not be in Kindergarden...she's only a month older than Colin!

Mommy Daisy said...

That looks like so much fun! And the 3 babies...adorable!

Have a great vacation.

Emily said...

Ummm...bloggy meet up in C-bus? I want to be in, too! I miss Kate, too, since I moved away from her library, and I've never met Giselle...

That's a great picture of the littles, Kels! I realized after we left that I didn't take hardly any pictures (as you may have noticed from my blog). I was so busy losing track of my kids. :)

Have a good vacation! In a way it would be nice to be unplugged for a while.

Jen said...

What a cute pic. of the little ones. Emmy looks exhausted in it...she napped for a long time that afternoon. Thanks for meeting up with us. It was a fun time!

bluedaisy said...

why don't we have these cool spray parks around my neck of the woods? Great pics- the kids are adorable!!