Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random Photos and a Random Video

(Look at me and my catchy titles! That one should draw hits from all over the internet!)

So we're in the process of selling my car because of the recent van purchase. It has been parked at the end of our driveway for about a week now. We haven't had a lot of rain during that time and I took some pictures yesterday to show the unbelievable build up of pollen on the car:

All that yellow dust is pollen - wild! No wonder we have such a problem with allergies!


And now a video conversation with Harper:

My favorite part is when she is telling me why she likes Shania Twain and then gets totally derailed as she notices a bug on our window.

And yes, she did accidentally run into her friend on the playground. Who knew preschool could be so rough?

I have no idea what she was saying about the seats on the minivan - let me know if anyone else can interpret that.


samantha jo campen said...

Does she mean something about the arm rests? I don't have a mini van so I'm pulling things out of thin air here.

Aren't you glad I stopped by? :-)

Anonymous said...

Harper has good taste as I like Shania Twain also. However, I don't like her because she goes "boom," I like her because she is HOT!

Harper's Daddy

Giselle said...

Um, gee, thanks for the pictures of the old car...when do we get to find out about the NEW car? I mean, I know it isn't right off the assembly line, but it's still a new car and exciting.

Also, Harper is so grown up in that video. So grown up. She is just a beautiful girl and every time I hear her talk I want to betroth her to Andrew. I've said it a million times...they were supposed to be twins, but something got messed up. ;) And I vote for the movable arm rests also. Sedans don't have those, so it would be cool and different to Harper. Actually, I would've voted for the little compartments by the back bench seats that have flip tops (little storage areas next to the cup know?)...except that I'm sure you don't have Harper sitting all the way on the back where I stick 2 of my kids.

tracy of 101 said...

Who would have ever thought that many years ago, back at the Breakfast Club, when we discovered the power of Shania (she really DID break down the walls, after all)... that she would also be influencing our children as well?? Gosh. Just shows how amazing she is. I am feeling the need to get out my glitter pens. I love you!!

jill said...

since its #3 seat, my only guess is armrests. like the fold down or something.....hilarious and so well spoken. you could get that good of a story or answer out of my almost 11 year old niece. no matter how many times you tried.