Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Harper is trying to convince me that we should watch a Barbie movie (gag) this afternoon.

"Do you like Barbie?" she asks.


"Do you like ballet, it's a ballet movie!"

"I don't really want to watch Barbie do ballet."

"Mom, don't you like happy endings?"

It's hard to argue with that. But I'm still not watching the Barbie movie with her!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kels,

Be a "sport" I didn't always enjoy playing My Little Ponies!!!



Liz said...

AH-HAHAHA! i love that your dad commented on this! ;) suck it up mommy! lol. barbie does sound pretty terrible though, luke is stuck on madagascar, both 1 and 2, which is a heck of a lot better then when he was in his blue's clues phase!

Heather said...

Wow! What a little negotiator!

Anne said...

Oh, I definitely don't like those Barbie movies either.

And have you noticed? The Barbie movie villain usually has dark hair, or looks a little "alternative" in one way or another. Something about that just sits wrong with me, you know?

Jenny said...

I never liked the Barbie movies either and with 2 girls I can't tell you how many I sat through. Now that we're kind of done with those, I almost miss them! My kids weren't backtalking so much in those more innocent days! :) Apparently 9 is the new 13!

BTW, I posted on my blog about O'My Goodness Cookies and linked back to your blog. Thanks again for the tip!