Tuesday, May 05, 2009

How Could I Possibly Need a Break from Them?

For the most part, Harper is too old to need a nap in the afternoon. She's quite capable of falling asleep at that time, but then can't settle down for bed at night. However, in order to maintain a little sanity, we have often have afternoon "quiet time" during which Michael naps and she plays quietly in her room so I can accomplish something/read/email/ nap myself /etc.

Today things had gotten pretty quiet in there and when I went to investigate I found this mess:

And this sleeping beauty:

Meanwhile, it has been more and more difficult to get Michael to nap, as he has learned to do this:

The first day Michael figured out how to actually get to his feet I had to go back into his room at nap time to lay him down four different times before he gave in. Haha! My will is strong! I can outlast the one-year-old!

Again, I am lacking some cohesiveness with this post. The real reason I wanted to write today is to share the early Mother's Day gift I received last weekend. Matt made arrangements for me to have a day off!

I was given a card containing a hotel reservation for this coming Saturday night, at a hotel near some great shopping, and some spending money! I'll leave Saturday morning and come back late Sunday morning - with plenty of time to celebrate the rest of Mother's Day with Matt, Harper, Michael, and Mike and Ann.

At first I wondered, "Is it sad that I'm so thrilled with a gift that means I get to spend time away from my family?"

But of course it's not sad. It doesn't mean that I don't appreciate them. It's just a wonderful recognition, on Matt's part, that alone time to do something fun can be incredibly restorative. The best thing about the gift is that it makes me feel like Matt really does appreciate the things I try to do for our family, regardless of how imperfectly I may do them.


Pam said...

Happy Mothers day! What a fab gift from your husband, and Yes, you deserve it so have a great time.
But I bet you spend your time calling home and buying stuff for the kids!!

jill said...

I really doubt my husband will think of anything for me. He might do flowers, but Keeley's too young (and nursing) to be apart for very long and isn't in a real nap routine yet, its eat, awake sleep, eat, awake sleep in 2 hour rotations, so the most time I could get would be 2 hours. We'll travel to see family again, I suppose. Oh well. I guess maybe his brilliance will show up in a few more years...

Erin said...

OH THAT MICHAEL! That look on his face, Kelsey. It is almost too much for me. He is adorable and looks like TROUBLE (in the best possible way, of course).

That sounds like the absolute best Mothers Day gift I have ever heard of. I am JEALOUS and also DROOLING and also may jump in my car Saturday morning and crash your hotel room.

Swistle said...

That is the best Mother's Day gift EVER.

Hillary or Ryan said...

What an incredible Mother's Day gift! My husband actually suggested that we go to the Brewers/Cubs game this Sunday as a "Mother's Day" tradition. I like baseball, but not for Mother's Day! It sounds more like a Father's Day tradition to me. I actually hinted last night that he and Grady go to Hallmark.

tracy of 101 said...

Is Harper napping with no clothes on?!? Hilarious.

Sounds like a great Mothers Day, I hope you enjoy every moment of your alone time (and spending money for shopping! He thought of everything!)

Anne said...

What a great gift! Good thinking, Matt! I love it.

Michael has the same crib the twins had. :-)

My kids did that whole trash-your-room thing, too. Then I nixed nap all together. For all the reasons you described in your first paragraph. It's been... um... hard because I so valued that time to myself during the day, but, well, what do you do, you know?

Anonymous said...

Obviously Harper has spent too much time in my home office. I am sure she got most of her "decorating" ideas from being in it!!
Nice gift Matt but you sure have put a lot of pressure on your dad and I.



bluedaisy said...

Your husband rocks and you should take full advantage and relax! I would miss my kids too but that kind of time is good for renewing the spirit--and we all need that every so often, right? Happy Mother's Day!

CARRIE said...

Every mom needs a break sometime. I hope you are enjoying yourself thoroughly!

samantha said...

He's so darling! Isn't it trippy to walk in and see them standing up in their crib? Freaked me OUT.

Happy Belated Mother's Day! I'd LOVE a time away at a hotel!!! :-)

Mommy Daisy said...

That's a GREAT Mother's Day gift. I'd take that over pearl earrings any day.

I remember well the terror of Zachariah learning to stand in his bed. Torture for about a week.