Thursday, February 26, 2015

Title With a Clever Dance Phrase if I Knew More Dance Phrases

So the dance competition season is in full swing again. When Harper started this thing last year I had completely mixed feelings, but I've come to really enjoy our dance studio family. At the beginning of the month the studio put on a showcase for friends and family to preview the girls' dances before the first competition. I adore both of Harper's group dances this year - a sassy, fun jazz number and a beautiful contemporary piece. 

I was able to grab some wonderful photos from Facebook and play with them a little. The first two are edited so I'm not sharing anyone else's children's faces online. The third one is just for fun:

Some of the girls are also in a large production number called, "Fly Girls." It's dancers from each of the competitive levels, wearing late 80's/early 90's garb and dancing to songs like, "Too Legit to Quit." I am not sure I've ever watched anything that makes me smile as much as that dance.

Dance requires a commitment that is moderately insane - and we're at the light end of it, I know. This past weekend Harper and I drove to a competition on rural roads, through several inches of snow. I cannot think of many things that would have convinced me to go out on that kind of day; but the show, as they say, must go on. With Michael becoming more involved in his own activities, Harper and I will probably head out to dance on our own more often this year than we did last year. Having a little one-on-one time with her is a nice bonus. 

You never know what your children will end up loving, obsessing over. I think you will know when they've found something that truly makes them happy.

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Swistle said...

I love the pictures! I think it looks really cool the way you gently blurred everyone else---I can picture that catching on with photographers as a deliberate (rather than privacy-motivated) thing. Like when there was that trend of coloring one or two items in a black-and-white photo.