Wednesday, February 18, 2015


It's a snow day!

Last winter was crazy cold and snowy - I don't remember the exact break down but I believe we had several weeks without a full week of school. Things have generally been a little more calm this year. A nice thing about working in the district where my children go to school is that snow days cause me exactly zero job-related stress.

We've had a couple of days off this year. The first or second week in January we only went to school Monday, Wednesday, Friday. The one for today came as kind of a surprise, but we'll take it. Monday we were off for Presidents' Day. Tuesday we had a two-hour delay, and today's two-hour delay turned into no school. Who knows what Thursday and Friday will bring, but we are supposed to have crazy cold temperatures, so maybe some more sleeping in?

Today we finished a game of Disney Monopoly that was a hold-over from our last snow day. We just put everyone's money and properties into labeled baggies, and took pictures of where our pieces were on the board...

(Technology is quite awesome at times.)

This afternoon I took a nap while Harper taught Michael about Terabithia ("But not the sad parts, Mom.") and they built Terabithia in our family room. Then they fought over having to clean it up, as per usual. Oh - are you still stuck on that part where I took a nap? Parents of babies - life gets easier in so many ways. Harder in others, of course, but don't worry about that now. 

I know things fell apart about mid-way through the daily blogging in November. I'm certainly not trying to blog daily, at this point, but I've been itching to get back to this space. Having our regular routine interrupted by a snow day was helpful.

What are you doing with your day, snow or otherwise?

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Jill said...

I've ended up being a home schooling mom, so I'm momming and teaching at the same time. In some ways, every day is a snow day, and in some ways (like today, where the school is cancelled for 'too cold') it's not- because we can still do our regular stuff and they can't!