Monday, February 03, 2014

Well That Was Interesting

The very same day I wrote a post about missing our routine and some regularity, I came home from taking the kids to dance feeling horrible.

My temp was 103.6.

After two days of crazy fever Matt hauled me to the doctor and we realized I had strep throat! For the first time in my life!

I am glad not to have a reason to take antibiotics too frequently, but wow, are they amazing things. Monday night/most of Tuesday I really thought I might die (only a slight exaggeration) and by Thursday night I felt almost back to normal again.

I spent much of today catching up on things I completely failed to attend to last week. Now that my health has been restored I feel good about two things:

     1) My family does, in fact, appreciate many of the little daily things I do for them.

     2) They could get along with out me if I got hit by a bus tomorrow. Though it would probably take some adjusting.

So I'm working on getting back on track and I owe a big apology to anyone who has been waiting for me to reply about something - I'm on it!


Giselle said...

The dreaded strep. It is the worst thing EVER. I am still mad that the winter I had it 3 times in 4 months, Jeff never even took one day off to help me with my 3,5,&8 year old. Strep is the WORST. Glad you are feeling better.

Swistle said...

Strep is awful. I remember I was coming down with it and started CRYING AT WORK because I felt so awful. The next day I needed to go to the doctor, and I couldn't get dressed. Paul had it too, and I wasn't sure he could safely drive us to the doctor. We were waiting for our prescriptions afterward and we were slumped against each other, probably scaring other customers. We took the first pills right there in the store, and felt better already the next day.

Swistle said...

(Er, reading over my comment I think I should clarify that I went to the doctor in my pajamas. Not naked.)