Sunday, September 25, 2011




It has been nearly two weeks since I last posted, which is a new low for me. Life just gets away, you know? It is easy to kind of toy with the idea that I might need to put this on the back-burner for a bit. But then thinking about it, I really don't want to abandon the blog. So here we are.

Some things that have happened:

  • We took the kids on a surprise trip to Disney World. It was awesome! It was super HOT. The kids were surprised but we don't have a great "reveal" moment, because Harper was mostly just annoyed that we weren't giving her enough time to tell us about her school day. I might post the video anyway.
  • The brand new van that we drove to Florida had some kind of computer glitch on the way home, one hour north of Orlando. We had to get it checked out before we could keep driving home. So the two legs of our trip home ended up being one hour and fourteen hours. The fourteen hour leg was a little rough. (The van is fine but what the heck Honda?)
  • Michael woke up sick the last day of our trip. We spent the first day home at Urgent Care - croup! So he missed another day of school, oops.
  • Harper didn't get sick until the Friday after we came home.
  • I'm still trying to determine whether I'm getting sick. Stay tuned.
  • I went with Harper's class on a field trip to a fruit farm. It rained most of the time. It POURED while we were on the hayride. It was memorable. 
  • My mom was planning to come visit the week we got home (last week). She actually got to our house before we did, and cleaned it! Now that is a good surprise. My mom is awesome. 

I'm sure there are other things, but that's what is at the front of my brain. I missed you!


MamaK said...

moms are AWESOME. sorry to hear about the kids' sicknesses... going around (down here too!).

bluedaisy said...

Welcome back :) An awesome trip, I'm sure--and you DROVE! I'm not sure I could take it as I am the worst at long car trips. Hope everyone feels better soon.
And don't worry about taking a little time to yourself, your focus is exactly where it should be. I know that no one is going to jump ship from reading :)

CARRIE said...

I missed you!!

D would prefer to go to Disney in the fall or winter to avoid the heat, but I am so terrified of sickness I would rather just melt in hell than take a chance. I'm glad that sickness waited until the last day, at least.

Oh moms are wonderful, aren't they? Does this mean we will do the same kinds of stuff for our kids? (When I think about it that way, it seems a little "I ain't gonna clean my kids' houses." And yet I know that when they're all grown up and don't need me anymore (even though they do), I will do the same kind of stuff.) Hurray for MOMS!

Chris said...

We've been busy, too, so I am actually glad that you haven't had time...I wouldn't have done any reading. But we are glad you are back. If your mom wants to come over to my house some time, please let her know she is welcome to do so! See you soon!

Jill said...

would you consider a weekly meme with me? I'm sure you'd have some awesome stuff to share.

Sara said...

The trip was a surprise...that's awesome! I would love to see the video. And how did the drive go? I'm afraid I might lose my mind if we drove down there. We are planning to take the kids next year, but they don't know yet, so I totally need to pick your brain. I'm sorry that Michael got sick, but at least it was the end of your trip. I hope that you all are feeling better. And your mom rocks! :)