Monday, September 05, 2011


In our house we love to read. The kids love being read to, and they both love reading books on their own. Harper is at the stage where she is constantly surprising me with what she's reading. A couple of days ago I found her with Ramona the Brave and thought surely she wasn't understanding that on her own... but then I asked her about it and I think she is. I had her read a little bit aloud to me and in three pages she only tripped up on the word, "triumph." I find she stumbles over words that aren't part of her life experience. Some of the Magic Tree House books throw her for a loop, though they are easier reading than Ramona, because she has never encountered some of the history/geography in those books before. So we talk about it, she learns. Books are awesome.

I have been asked about how Harper learned to read early. The short answer is that she was ready and I know the things to say/do to push her in that direction. I keep thinking I might write a post to expand on that, but the really, really simple answer is this. Read to your kids. All the time. Every day. Make room for it. If you do that, most kids will learn when they are ready. The end. 

When you do that, you'll also have kids who will spend 45 minutes at the kitchen table pouring over the first book orders of the year:

Harper was so excited to come home with those book orders, you'd think she was holding a winning lottery ticket. 

When I was in grade school the mailman used to come during our afternoon recess. We always accosted the poor guy looking in his basket for book order delivery boxes. He must have LOVED that.

There's really no point to this post except to say it's back to school time. Book orders will be coming home. Buy some books. Read them.

And, in an unrelated note, is it just me or is this child looking achingly grown-up lately?

Also, I am in love with this song. Go and listen.


CARRIE said...

I agree on the reading part. Read to the kids A LOT, and immerse them through reading in whatever their interests are. G loves trucks/cars/diggers, so I always get him books about these---fiction and nonfiction. And he hoards the library books, forcing me to remind him that they don't belong to him and are for all of us to share.

N is a strong reader, but I continue to worry for some reason that she doesn't fully comprehend and internalize what she reads. But whenever I ask her questions about her reading, she is always on the mark.

I, for one, vote for an expansion on that reading early idea for a blog.

Jenn said...

very cute song. thanks for sharing. and i agree about your harper. she is getting big!! (yikes.)

Anonymous said...

I agree - the book orders were the highlight of grade school. To top it off - the scholastic book fair at the school. We would go with our class and then we could come back with your parents at night. My husband had a scholastic book fair at his work and I was so jealous. He thought I was a lunatic but I was so proud of him when he came home with books for his daughter without me even having to say a word. My girls already love to be read to. Hooray!