Thursday, October 28, 2010

Talkin' Books

Let me set a scene for you... The children and I are sitting in the living room, just before bedtime, and I've convinced them to stop playing tornado and read some books to settle down. Harper dug into our seasonal book basket and found a few Gail Gibbons books that she recognized from school. Moments later she starts telling me why the books by Gail Gibbons are so wonderful and it seemed like something I might like to record. I stopped her, sent her for the camera, and we resumed. The resulting video is below.

Now I know listening to my kid talk about non-fiction books is probably not the best way you can think of to spend seven minutes. If you know us personally, and have met Harper, you may find it entertaining. My favorite part is at the end when she starts giving tips for parents and husbands. I also think there is something kind of profound to her idea that learning more about your fears helps you not to be afraid of them.

This wasn't scripted or rehearsed in any way - if it was I probably would have thought of better questions to ask her! Perhaps another book talk or two will show up during National Blog Posting Month...


Anonymous said...

Wow I certinaly enjoyed Harper's reveiw of the Gail Gibbons books. I might hae to read some myself!!



Anonymous said...

Too cute! You need to send this to the Ellen Show! Harper would crack Ellen up!!! :)