Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stormy Weather

Last night the dog was acting WEIRD. He was barking at nothing, walking around with his tail pinned down, unsettled. I took him outside to see if he was having an urgent bathroom need and he stood in the center of our driveway, noise pointed upward, tail down, on ALERT. I had to drag him back inside. I told Matt we were either going to be surprised by an earthquake or a HUGE storm was brewing. But I was also kind of waiting to be jumped by a vampire. Dog pacing does not inspire security, you know?

Shortly after taking him outside a weather advisory was issued for high wind through tonight. So no earthquake for now.

It is pretty weird to have the tornado sirens sound at the end of October. Watching the weather on television I actually called Michael's preschool (he eats lunch at school on Tuesdays and Thursdays) to see if I should come and get him early. I was worried, based on the long line of red barreling toward us on the radar, that we might not be able to get him at his regular pick up time. The director said it wasn't like they'd kick him out at 12:31 and we decided to leave well enough alone.

Can you imagine where Harper and I were at the 12:30 pick up time?

Huddled under the table in the basement, listening to the wind howl in the chimney, almost drowning out the wailing of the tornado siren. Harper snuggled up against me, whimpering, and asking when it would be over. Poor girl couldn't even manage to get her lunch down.

So we did retrieve Michael about 1/2 an hour late. The kids and teachers had also done some time in their "safe zone" - a bathroom - but were settling in for naps when we arrived. Michael didn't seem any worse for the wear and maybe now he will believe me when I tell him all his preschool friends (the ones who stay for extended care) take naps when he leaves.

Fortunately we didn't have any damage here, just some blown over patio chairs.

And maybe a few shaken nerves.


Erin said...

Don't you live like RIGHT next to the sirens? Or am I remembering that wrong.

I BET those things are loud up close.

Jen Violi said...

Might a recommend a captain and coke for the nerves??

Emily said...

It hit here in the middle of naptime, which it always seems to do, leaving me wondering if it's worrysome enough to WAKE UP the boys from a deep sleep to drag them into the basement or not. Seriously, I've had to make that same call more than once this summer/fall.

I had 2/3 in the basement and was watching the red streak very closely to see if I needed to grab the third, but I never did. Thank God.

Marie Green said...

Wowza! Scary. We've had to take the kids to the basement a few times, and now whenever it's rainy/windy/thundery they get a little freaked out and wonder if we should head downstairs.

We had horrible winds, rain, and some snow (that melted right away). Seems like the entire country was dealing w/ high winds yesterday.