Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunrise, Sunset

This afternoon Ann came over to stay with Michael so Matt and I could take Harper to see Toy Story 3. It did not disappoint. It was funny, surprisingly intense at times, and touching. There were actually a few moments when I found myself surprised at the G rating because I found a few of the new characters to be horribly sinister and there were moments when I was genuinely fearful for the fate of the toys . It was during one of these moments, when I honestly felt on the verge of tears because of what was about to happen to Woody and friends, that Harper leaned over, wide-eyed and asked, "Mom is that what happens to our garbage?" She was fascinated by the process unfolding before her, but not at all concerned about the toys! So I guess G is perfectly appropriate after all.

So yes, intense, funny, and so so sad. Sad because one day these darling children will grow up and leave me and how on earth will I survive without them? I have another post brewing about some of the changes we've experienced lately, especially with Harper who I swear looks taller every time she walks into a room, and well, just look at them!

There are no babies left in my house and there are times when that really feels tragic. Then again, I have some pretty great "big kids" growing before my eyes and I'm incredibly thankful for them.

(For the record, we enjoyed this latest Toy Story installment in 2D and I'm glad. The 3D glasses annoy me and I think that really would have been a little too intense for Harper.)


Anonymous said...

Oh, I wonder the same thing everyday! My girls are growing up so fast and how will I survive without them. My "baby" will be 7 in a few weeks and it's hard to even imagine.
Both of your children are adorable and it's obvious that you adore being their mother.

We are planning to go see Toy Story tomorrow afternoon. We are all very excited!! I imagine I will cry as I did during the 2nd one (every time I hear the Sarah McLachlan song while Jesse tells her story!)


CARRIE said...

I could lament for days on end about children growing up. My husband is always thinking "things will be better when" the kids are older. But I love this young child stage. It is aggravating to the extreme, no doubt, but so full of innocence, humor and hugs & kisses, I can't imagine I won't be sad when it is over.

Of course, I may be so glad to get a full night's sleep, I may be giddy with joy.