Saturday, June 26, 2010

Look Who Learned to Smile for the Camera!

He'd also like to take your picture - he follows us around the house saying, "Chee!!!" Which means we'd better turn around and say, "cheese," darn it!


samantha said...

Michael I'll say CHEE any time you want :-)

Jill said...

oh my God look at that little BOY! It doesn't seem possible that he's that big!

Keeley started saying cheese for the camera the other day. I couldn't figure it out until I set the camera down and she pointed and said cheese. Well, it sounds more like chhhs--but still! Hope you're having some summer fun!

CARRIE said...

Did he suddenly just get a ton of hair? Such a big boy now!

Erin said...

Oh Kelsey! He is HEARTBREAKINGLY handsome. I cannot wait to see him in person. And you and Harper too, of course. But he has changed so much since I saw him last.

Also, is that one of those real, kid digital cameras? I'm thinking about getting one for Cal.