Monday, March 01, 2010

The Girl

So the days are clearly getting away from me lately. But Harper, in all the frustration that is raising a five-year-old, has been pretty amusing recently and I wanted to share.

She spent one snow day/Saturday/some other kind of day off writing furiously on sticky notes and taping them up beside the fireplace. Why? To make a princess growth chart, of course!

Each note featured a drawing of a princess and her name, or at least letters to indicate each part of her name. Below is "TB" for Tinker Bell and "PaTF" for Princess and the Frog (Harper couldn't remember that her name was Tiana).

Here is Harper explaining her system. When you are really tall you get to be Cinderella, the ultimate princess? Harper has been checking daily, but so far she's only reached Jasmine.

I have approximately 379,000,000 shortcomings as a parent, but look I'm willing to stare at taped sticky notes in the living room. I practically itch with wanting them off the wall, but I let them stay (for now) and I'm proud of myself for leaving them there.

I should note that Harper felt like the boys should have their own system. She supplemented the princess chart with a prince chart, made of tape and napkins. And that one is also still on the wall.

One other note, Harper told me recently that she is heartsick from missing Jonah C. and that she feels all happy when she thinks about seeing him again and smiles so hard she almost cries. So, we'll be locking her up from ages 13-21, no?


Erin said...

This is one of my favorite posts EVER.

Harper is just plain AWESOME. LOVE that girl.

Chris said...

Oh how she cracks me up!!!! I smiled the entire time I read this.

BTW, have you seen our walls? Every once in a while I have to go around and take things down because of sensory overload!

Mommy Daisy said...

What a funny girl. So sweet though.

Miss you posting, Kels, and I hope all is going well!

CARRIE said...

Yep, I'd be wanting to take 'em down too. We mommas need to pat ourselves on the back every opportunity we get.

Pam said...

Brilliant! Do try and resist the cleaning urge (said by someone who whips the pictures down from the fridge after a day).