Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"School" Pictures

I thought I would take a moment and share a few first day pictures of the kids. The center they go to is both a preschool and a daycare so I thought first day pictures were especially appropriate for Michael.

Here is a before we left picture, notice the charming new thing he's doing when asked to smile:

Here he is, posing again, outside his classroom:

Just in case you aren't catching that face, here's a close-up:

Well at least you can tell he's happy!

Harper's first day came a couple of days later, and the morning was so hectic that we didn't get any pictures at school. Here's what she did when I asked her to show me how she felt about her new school:

I had to ask her to let me take a less jumpy one:

It's mid-week, week one, and both kids are still happy. We're all happy, but tired.

So far, so good!


Mommy Daisy said...

Oh my gosh, so cute! I love the "cheese" face of Michael's. Ah-dorable!

sagessa said...

OMG! Michael's expression is priceless!

samantha said...

I'm so sorry I don't peek in more often. You're back at work! The kids are loving their new school! (And are adorable as always).

The Christmas pictures look great and thanks so much for the card. Hope you're all doing well and yes, 2010 WILL BE the year we meet!


(Happy Delurking Day!)

tracy said...

Kels -- the pictures are great! And the ones of Michael made me laugh, not only for the hilarious faces, but because Martha does the exact same thing. Ask her to "smile", and she scrunches up her face in this frightening way that (truly) only a mother could love!

As I write this, you are minutes away from having one week down! Hooray! I hope every day went as well as Monday for you, and I hope that the kids have been continuing to settle in well (and sleep more!).

I love you!

CARRIE said...

Love Michael's happy face. And I still want to hear more about this job thingie.