Tuesday, January 19, 2010

All I Can Manage -

are bits and pieces:

-I killed a bug on the family room curtain that I'm fairly certain was a tick. I don't want to know how/why it was there.

-Harper had been working on reading with me last spring/summer and then it got to be kind of an exercise in frustration for both of us so I shelved the issue for a while. The last two nights she has read to me from a book called Mouse Tales with very little assistance from me. Ah - it is awesome! I'm so excited for her to be able to read on her own - she's going to love it.

-Last week was my first full week of full time work and both kids were sick and we had many sleepless nights. To cap it off it took me 2 1/2 hours to drive my 35ish minute commute home on Friday. I'm choosing not to use last week as an assessment of how this job thing is going.

-Speaking of my job, I think I may never have mentioned what it is, exactly. I am now the junior high media specialist (librarian and then some) for a school district a bit south of where we live. The gig is supposed to last until June. I love lots of things about it, but suspect that it will take all semester for me to feel truly competent.

-The kids love their preschool/daycare - LOVE IT. Harper complains when I come to pick them up and we've been told repeatedly by many staff members that Michael is adjusting beautifully and is such a happy child. This certainly makes things easier.

-In related news - it is kind of nice that they get a chance to miss me. I know it is difficult for them in some ways, but I selfishly enjoy being wanted in a way I felt I never was when I was the at home parent all of the time.

-Getting up at 5:30 (or so) in the morning is actually a bit easier than I would have imagined.

-Staying awake long enough to pack lunches and take time to email/blog/comment is much, much harder that I would have imagined.

-Now I know we're only a few days into this adventure, but I'm going to say that it isn't more difficult than being at home all day, it's just difficult in tremendously different ways.


Lil Mouse said...

I find a tick in January in Ohio very unlikely. I also find it odd that you don't seem sure if it was a tick or not. If you 'squished' it pretty easy, it probably wasn't a tick. They are hard to get rid of..

Also, do any of the mouse tales talk about 'the name was over the door' or 'a mouse house' or anything similar> still looking for the book that inspired my old blog name. thanks.

Nowheymama said...

Glad to hear how things are going!

tracy said...

I have been thinking about you SO much lately. I love you!

Chris said...

Thanks for the update and letting us know all is well.

I, too, love hearing the little ones read to us. Glad it is going well for Harper. Aaron pretends he can't do it, but if the story is 'right' he jumps in. Perhaps I need to find an electrical manual or something...I think that would do the trick :)

CARRIE said...

Glad the kids are adjusting well. As with most things, they adapt far better than us adults.

N is reading too. She reads books to G, which is so neat to watch!

Pam said...

I'm so glad it's all going well for you (bar the tick of course!).
Just tonight I was talking with my hubby about being a working mum - one of the big things for me is feeling guilty putting the kids to bed at 7-7.30 so I let them stay up later, but now that has become so late it's bordering on obnoxious. I want them to go to bed at a decent time but also want to actually see them before they go to bed. It's hard.

vincent said...

I really like this simple, real blog! That is a GREAT compliment! :)