Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween '09

I'm cheering tonight because, hooray, Halloween is over! I strongly dislike Halloween for the following reasons: carving gross pumpkins, fretting over costumes, worrying Harper will ingest peanut candy, etc. I don't enjoy this holiday BUT I think I manage to put on a good enough show for the kids. Just because I don't like it doesn't mean they shouldn't, right?

So, here are this year's Halloween pictures:

Michael thinks Halloween is silly and would rather read the paper than carve a pumpkin, thank you very much.

Matt used a stencil from a pumpkin carving kit this year and we ended up with a cool, though way too freaky, witch pumpkin. It was pretty evil looking to begin with, then we accidentally left the candle lit all night last night and the design got a little scorched. Oops.

Michael preferred the pumpkins decorated Mr. Potato Head style, pieces courtesy of Mugga and Grandpa. I love the pirate and not so freaky witch - thanks!

Harper was Dorothy and Michael was her Cowardly Lion (or, as she pronounced it, "Carolly Lion"). I had a terrible time getting a good shot of the two of them, holiday photos should be fun this year!

We drove to Nana and Dziatku's and then to Auntie M's (she made Harper's Dorothy smock/apron); Michael and Rebound were not thrilled to stay home with me when Harper and Matt went to hit some neighborhood streets.

The grandparents, all four of them, spoil our kids so Harper had plenty of safe candy to eat, we let her trade her significant pile of unsafe candy for the new Tinkerbell DVD. She does not suffer on Halloween, that's for sure!

So, do you know what comes after Halloween???


I love November! Harper and I (and many other very cool people) claim November as our birthday month.

And November means National Blog Posting Month which I plan to participate in - for the third time. I probably still have questions to answer from last year, but is there anything you'd particularly like to hear about this year?


MamaK said...

I'm in awe- you're creating great experiences for a holiday that's not so exciting for you! I'm still working on that... the photos look GREAT, and I especially love the group theme ;)

bluedaisy said...

Harper and Michael are adorable! We didn't even carve pumpkins- although we did grow 2 in our backyard by accident so I guess that is better than nothing, right?
I wouldn't mind taking that idea of trading in candy for some other peanut allergy here at this point but the boys don't need the sugar high, you know? Anyway- GREAT costumes and now we can have fun with NaBloPoMo while preparing for more holiday fun (i.e. craziness).

Anne said...

I freakin' hate Halloween, too.

But, hey, your kids looked cute! :-)

Giselle said...

I love the themed costumes! Harper is the cutest Dorothy I've ever seen...I love her hair like that!

And thank you for answering what the "Na" is in that ridiculously long title (NaBloPoMo). I still don't think I'll remember what it's called...but at least I"ll know that at one point I knew ;)

Erin said...

Eeee! I love the pictures. Thank you! Pics of kids in costumes is good for the soul, I think.

But what is UP with all this hating? I do love Halloween so dearly. I cannot comprehend that everyone does not feel the exact same. (I'm kidding here, of course. I know this about you, and think you do a tremendous job of making it special for the kids.)

Mommy Daisy said...

So cute! Looks like everyone had a good time. I know what you mean about not liking Halloween too much, though.

Good luck with NaBloPoMo! I'm writing along too.

Swistle said...

Hey, we're Halloween Dislike twins! I always feel a happy rush on November 1st: no more Halloween stuff, except on clearance! On to Thanksgiving and Christmas, and no more fretting about costumes and being out after dark!

Lil Mouse said...

just more how your kids grow up stuff. stuff i might face with a one year old for example, or tips on surviving the holidays, or dealing with in laws, or, well, can you tell my life is screwed up right now? argh!

Hillary or Ryan said...

I'm glad Halloween went well. Such adorable costumes. You know what I like too? NOVEMBER! It's birthday month for my mother-in-lawn, both of my parents, Grady, and myself! Hip Hip Hooray for the arrival for birthday month! :)