Friday, October 30, 2009


As far as we know, we don't have it yet, but it is running rampant in these parts, as I'm sure it is near many of you.

I am trying NOT to freak out about the whole pig flu thing; however, it is pretty difficult to avoid thinking about it all together, unless you undergo a complete media blackout. Both of our kids fall into the "high risk" category based on their ages alone, but then add the additional risk from asthma and I will admit to being, er, nervous, about this particular virus.

Harper will be vaccinated through school in about two weeks (can you imagine THAT day in preschool?). Michael is another story. Our pediatrician's office claims NOT to have any vaccine, but I've heard that they have some they are offering to patients who come to the office for unrelated reasons - they will not make you an appointment just to get vaccinated.

On Thursday our county health department offered a vaccination clinic at an arena about 1/2 an hour north of here. It was strictly for pregnant women and children between the ages of 6 months and 4 years. Matt came to work from home in the afternoon (and be with Harper) while I packed Michael up and headed north.

We got to the arena a little over an hour before the clinic was set to begin and there were already 350 people in line ahead of us. I wasn't so worried about the wait, but I was worried about the health department running out of vaccine. A reassuring department of health employee, who was counting the people in line, told us not to worry, they had over 3,000 doses. Whew!

I wasn't upset about the wait, but I would have been really upset to stand in line with Michael for over an hour an be out of luck!

Aside from pulling into the parking lot and initially freaking out over how many people were already in line (the line snaked around an ARENA), the whole thing was pretty uneventful. Michael, in the curse of the car ride, slept for about 10 minutes on the way, which meant he was unlikely to sleep anymore that afternoon. He just hung out in the stroller with his blanket for two and a half hours - barely making a peep - what is wrong with my child??? I had all kinds of ammunition to throw at his distaste for waiting in line, and then he had none.

We waited, I chatted with the other mothers which made the time go quickly, and then we filed out short and simple paper work and my kid got stuck with a needle for free (yeah taxes!). Michael cried for approximately 37 seconds and then it was over.

The people from the health department have assured me that there will be plenty of available vaccine and many clinics in four weeks when Michael needs a booster shot. We'll see.

I'm curious to know how vaccines are being distributed in your area, whether you're planning on getting one for you and/or the children, and what you think your chances are of receiving one before getting the flu. (Matt and I will try to get vaccinated if possible, but the way things are going right now I'm not sure we'll be eligible.)

One last note, there was a woman (I say woman but she looked so young!) in line behind us who was only seven weeks pregnant and clearly showing already. It is her first pregnancy and I guess her midwife is wondering about twins... I desperately wanted to ask her to send me an email and let me know how her ultrasound goes next week, but I thought that perhaps such a request breached normal social boundaries. Of course now I can't stop thinking about her and I wish I hadn't been so sensible.


Nowheymama said...

We had to stand in line for two hours at the pediatrician's office for REGULAR flu shots. No one has received any H1N1 vaccines around here yet. Most parents think that the flu will have swept through our town already by the time the vaccines arrive.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Our health dept apparently was given some supplies of the shots. They arranged vax clinics at the schools last week and swear there will be some for the little kids who need the second shot. They even have that clinic scheduled already so I'm hopeful. I don't know many adults who have been able to get it who are not seriously ill, like getting chemo treatments ill.

It went surprisingly smoothly at the school. I was expecting crying and chaos but they lined the kids up by classroom, took them in the office by groups on 8 and had the nurses do the shots all together & kept everything moving quickly.

Swistle said...

No H1N1 vaccine available (OFFICIALLY available, that is---I've heard the same thing you've heard) in our area yet. William has a fever as of yesterday, with coughing.

CARRIE said...

At this point, I'd just about give my left arm for a shot of the stuff. Louisville has nada.... my pediatrician isn't getting it at all.

Pisses me the heck off. We'll likely have to wait until the end of November.

But I will be getting one for N, G and myself (with having the newborn).

You should be eligible since you care for children younger than 5.

Emily said...

I'm glad you got it for Michael. They are doing similar clinics around here, but the one in our county had more people in line before it opened than they had vaccines - and the people I knew who went waited FIVE HOURS. So I haven't been willing to jump through those hoops at this point, that's more than I can handle. Plus, I'm about 50 - 75% confident that we already had it. We had all the symptoms, although it would've been considered a minor case. We only had Katy tested with the nasal swab, which was negative, but then I heard that the swab is between 10 - 70% accurate. So doesn't mean we didn't have it. I wish I knew for sure so I didn't have to worry!

Pam said...

Both my kids had regular flu shots but our pediatrician has no H1N1 right now. I signed them both up on the Health Dept. website and now I just wait ..
I'm scared to death of it too, especially my youngest at 9 months.

MamaK said...

They've had a bunch of clinics in our area for both regular and the swine one. The Peds office didn't have either this past week when we were there for a well check up. Our friend went to get her twins the vax (dif. dr) and the kids got sick that morning, so they have to wait another week or so...

BUT h1n1 already swept through the local catholic schools (about 1/3 to 1/2 out during the initial week), and it's been in our church and other local schools a bit too. and I've been sick, nasal swab neg, but also think it was a milder form.

The treatment down here varied- during the first swing through, parents of infected kids got tamiflu also. more recently, even the infected kids didn't get anything unless it was "severe". I haven't heard of many of those (though a local woman with no other issues did die in the hosp).

Anyway, our strategy is more about stepping up our personal healthy habits (including washing hands, taking olive leaf supplements, doing saline rinses, etc) than going for the vax. We're a bit more comfortable with that and not the shot... though our friends and many others are actively pursing the vax and I get their point too :) SOrry for sucha long comment!

Camille said...

I have a child with Type 1 Diabetes. H1N1 would be very dangerous for her. There are no supplies at our doctor's office. She is 18+ years old so beyond pediatrician care age-wise where they might have some doses. She is living in a college dorm -- shudder. I'm just praying and exhorting all precautions.

Val said...

Here in Central NY my pedi's office has the vaccine but is only doing high risk patients. So my son, 23 months, with asthma, got his on Saturday at an appt only clinic at the pedi's office, while my daughter, 4.5 yrs, will not be getting one at this time. The pedi's office did not give us any indication of when we might be able to get it.

My GP's office told me that he'd put my name on a waiting list, since I am not high risk, so I doubt I will get called before Spring.

My SIL has already had it, my close-as-in-two-cubicles-away coworker has already had it, and my daughter is home sick with a fever, is run-down and has a cough. We'll have to see where that's going...sigh.

Stay healthy!

PS - I'm NaBloPoMo'ing this year, for the first time - GAH!

bluedaisy said...

Other than one of the local school districts, I haven't been able to find any availability of the H1N1 vaccine. It's funny- I was all nervous about any of us getting the shot & now that we can't access it, I am nervous about NOT having it.
ALSO, I got the regular flu vaccine and Michael had it...but Liam was sick the day it was available so now he is on a wait list with our pediatrician-ugh! I worry more about them since they are in daycare full time. Mike has yet to go to CVS to get a flu shot although I have practically begged him to (ugh again). We are trying to keep up our personal hygiene habits & not go anywhere that isn't necessary--example: no mall play area but sooner or later, I have to grocery shop. I'm just trying to keep in real and not get overly worried but it's a tough balance.

Hillary or Ryan said...

I am frustrated that I haven't been able to find the vaccine for Grady yet. I just called our pediatrician, and the receptionist said it will be another 3-4 weeks. Grady has his 1 year appointment on the 25th of this month. I'm hoping that they finally have the vaccine available the day of his appointment. I am thankful that Grady goes to a day care with only 5 other children there. And I practice ultra-careful hygiene habits in my high school classroom (daily cleaning of desks, hand sanitizer is everywhere, washing hands for 30 seconds).