Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Weather and Philosopy (And a Shameless Plug)

So much for continuing to blog every day in December! Moving on. . .

Item the First:

It is officially winter in our area of Ohio. Since (I'm not kidding even a little) 8 this morning there has been a snow advisory posted which continues through tomorrow afternoon. Not a flake has fallen yet, but the meteorologists and snow-fearful folks are in a complete frenzy. We are supposed to get 1-3 inches (yes, if you live in Minnesota or western New York, you can laugh) which is actually a fairly significant amount in these parts. In the seven or so years that I've lived here I have witnessed, on many occasions, everyone get all riled up about a Big Snow and then watched as we got not even one inch. I will wait until tomorrow to get excited.

For her part, Harper is still bitter that we never got a decent snowman out of last year's snow. I'll be happy for her if we do actually see some decent accumulation this winter.

Item the Second:

Harper is beginning her study of philosophy early. She has apparently been questioning her existence. While driving in the car this morning we had a rather lengthy discussion after she asked, "Why was I born?" and,"Why did you name me Harper?"

The constant why-mode is not new, but her questions are getting less concrete. Would you care to explain why Monday comes after Sunday? "Because it does," is not an acceptable answer to my (or any) three-year-old.

Item the Third:

I've been web-published, by someone other than myself! Even though it is a completely dorky thing to get excited about, I'm sure none of you are out there harboring any illusions that I'm cool. Last spring I wrote a post sharing my opinions about teacher-gifts. As the holiday giving season is upon us, I recently read a post on a site called Work It, Mom! which discussed the same topic, and left a link to my afore mentioned post. One of the site's editors followed the link, read the post, and then emailed me to ask if I would submit it as an article to their site.

So I did.

And they published it!

If you have any interest in teacher-gifting, or just want to see for yourself that someone unrelated to me was interested in what I had to say, go here:


I'll be back tomorrow with an update on The Big Snow of '07.


Mommy Daisy said...

Ha, I've been laughing at the winter storm warning we're under too. But at about 10:30 tonight it started snowing...hard...and an hour later, it has not let up. We'll see how this ends. I still don't think it will be horrible. (Schools will probably shut down tomorrow anyway. LOL)

Oh boy, I do not look forward to the why's. I guess I was really bad with things like that when I was young. I distinctly remember (at about Harper's age) asking my mom about heaven, God, and how He came into existance. Finally she told me to wait until I got to heaven and just ask God myself. That satified me. I'll never forget that.

Woo HOO! Published = cool!

Anonymous said...

Kelsey! Way to go with the article. Now everyone in cyberspace can be blessed by your wit and wisdom. Way to go. Hope you, Matt, Harper, & #2 are doing well ... I miss you! love, Tracy

Anonymous said...

What a helpful article! How exciting that you are published! I was going to get Ally's teacher a gift card and some homemade goodies, but maybe I'll hold off on the cookies...
And we too were anticipating the snow--but only have 1-2 inches which aren't even good for playing in! But the schools are closed!
Sara Flaherty

Jen said...

What a great article...I taught for 4 years as well and agree with everything you wrote. Hopefully, lots of parents will heed your advice. =)

Kate said...

YAY! Great article! I remember thinking I'll need to remember all those things for Colin's teachers.

Swistle said...

Lookit you, all published! Way to go!