Monday, December 18, 2006

We're Still Alive

I guess when people start to call to see whether we're okay over here, it's time to start updating again!

The last week was lost to us in a blur of nausea, stomach cramps, pedialyte, crackers, and lots and lots of laundry. The stomach flu went right through all of us. As Harper started to feel better, Matt and I were felled, and she had a rough day or two in which she did not get as much attention as she's used to! Ann and Mike (Nana and Dziatku) were life-savers, answering our middle of the night call when Matt need to go to the hospital to be rehydrated.

We seem to be mostly recovered, although Harper's stomach is still rejecting all things dairy in the form of very nasty diapers. Her diet is pretty limited as it is (you try feeding an opinonated two-year-old!) and staying away from milk, cheese, fruit, and any high-fiber starches has left me totally scratching my head as to what to feed her. We are working on tricking some soy milk into her. We're going to give vanilla a try tomorrow. I poured her some regular soy milk tonight, she took a couple of sips and said, "I can't want that milk!"

"Can't want" is Harper-speak for "don't want." Some other examples would be, "I can't want to go to bed," and, "I can't want to eat dose peas."

This is how Harper looked for about three days:

She was all about the beanbag chair and PBS or the DVD player. In our misery, we let her watch absolutely as much television as she wanted. Of course now we are deprogramming those decisions. Harper usually, "can't want the td oss (tv off)!" But she is readjusting.

During our stint with the stomach flu Harper's favorite phrases were:

"Dat's a big mess!"
"It's all dirty!"
"It's all ofer (over)!"

You can use your imagination to determine what she was talking about.

I will try to get back on tomorrow and report on our St. Louis trip, which was fabulous. Harper was mostly delightful and hilarious while we were there; charming the pants off our hosts. We had lots of adventures and, despite the stomach bug which hit on the way home, it was a wonderful weekend in every respect.


Anonymous said...


We are so happy to hear from you again. Harper is even adorable when she is ill!! We are pleased you are all doing much better. We can't wait to see all of you over the holidays.



Emily said...

I'm so glad you guys are better, Kels. I noticed you hadn't posted in a while and was getting worried about you! I guess the only positive is that you got it all out of your systems before Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, sorry to hear you guys all got sick but I'm glad you are better before Christmas, and that Harper was a delight for your hosts on your road trip! Hope you have a great holiday and New Year, I'm sure Harper will enjoy the celebrations and presents....I'll be in touch again soon. (since i got a job at the Y i'm looking into job options for working in the summer camp planning/programming areas, maybe even the craft director!?!!)

Take care Kelsey!

Love, Megan

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the prayers...I'm safe and out of the massive blizzard! (and not stuck at the airport!!)Will try to head home Sat night, just in time for Christmas so here's hoping :)

Love, Megan