Tuesday, December 12, 2006


We went to St. Louis, we had a great time, we returned with the stomach flu. It's been a rocky couple of days. I hope to entertain with stories from our trip very soon. But first, another load of laundry.

P.S. If there is an adult and a toddler in the car, the toddler is throwing up, and there are 130 miles between the adult, the toddler, and home. . . Well there's just no good way to deal with that.


Anonymous said...

Kelsey - I am so sorry to hear that the rest of your trip was so horrible. It sounded like things were going well at first and then took a turn for the worse. I hope that you all are feeling better soon.

Bridget said...

Kelsey, I'm so sorry you guys got sick! Sending you our best and hope you recover quickly.